5 Real Struggles Every Junk Food Lover Has To Deal With!

5 Real Struggles Every Junk Food Lover Has To Deal With!

Yvonne Williams

“Don’t eat that! It’s unhealthy, you’re killing yourself…” The cold reproof goes on and on! Like seriously? Just hold it right there! Let’s get something straight; Although everyone loves to believe their eating habit is “pretty healthy”, that’s far from the truth! Most of us are secret junk food junkies, remember all those times you scanned your fridge for some delicious treats like your whole life depended on it? I mean really, it’s a given; with the endless variety of chocolates, cheese, biscuits, ice cream all up in your face, how on earth are you supposed to resist? #BeatsMe. 5 real struggles junk food lovers go through;

1. Not being able to enjoy a proper meal

For lovers of junk food, having a proper meal is a huge challenge; after filling your tummy with all kinds of delicacies; chips, doughnuts, biscuits, it will be one hell of a miracle to consume all that and still have space for some proper meal. This is sort of the routine.

2. The trauma you go through when you’re craving that special treat

Argh! Pure torture… You’ve been craving that delicious package of mouth watering chips, burger and your favourite yoghurt, meanwhile the damn meeting just won’t end; “can’t wait for the damn boring meeting to be over”, at last, your prayer is answered and immediately you head straight for that food haven but you meet the doors closed! The heartbreak, you go through can’t be put into words indeed.

3. You just can’t forgive who ever dared to make that sorry excuse for a burger

Seriously,  how could you be in the food business and not get your acts right? Unforgivable! Everyday should be perfect, every meal should be perfect! Forget all that talk about there being some off days, people pay hard earned cash for their meal for God sake. Excuses are so beneath you, especially when it comes to anything you put in your mouth. Lol…

4. Juggling between restaurants

It’s normal right? Everybody does it… You just have to get what you want and settling isn’t an option – Who does that anyway? Certain items are “exclusive”  to specific places (that’s if you want the best that is) so doing multiple drive -through to get that amazing cake and delicious pizza isn’t much trouble. The pleasure derived is nothing compared to the struggle to get it, it only makes it worth it.

5. Trying to eat healthy is just a torturous experience

Truth be told, you love your junk food and that’s the honest to god truth. Comparing home made meals to the delicious treat makes the whole healthy eating experience a tiring one. Although you’ll totally love to eat healthier, having to dump your treats for them is absolute torture. No thanks.  Maybe tomorrow will be better, but for now nothing and absolutely nothing will separate me from my treats! Case closed!

If you’re a junk food lover like myself, you’ll understand that it’s an unending struggle to eat right…however, one thing to keep in mind? Little steps is all it takes.

Eat healthy!

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