#LagosBusChronicles 42

#LagosBusChronicles 42


Thank God it’s Friday!

Remember the woman in Episode 40? I sat directly beside her this morning on the bus.

Immediately I sat, she started shifting back and forth as if my presence was irritating her

I ignored her…

Some minutes later, she opened her mouth to tell me that my arm was resting on her leg; I ignored her…

Instead of her to keep quiet, she went on and on about people that sit inside a bus like they are in their sitting room; I still ignored her but I was already boiling…

All this while I was pressing my phone, how possibly could my arm be resting on her leg?

It was like she was determined to make trouble today because she tapped me and started shouting at me for not letting her sit well

And I did not allow it go cold myself; I returned it back to the trouble maker!

We were in a very hot argument until we got to the last bus stop, only for her to find out that she was supposed to alight two bus stops away

All I could do was burst into a very loud uncontrollable laughter;

She alighted and started her walk back to her bus stop; she should have just left me alone…

Some people like trouble sha…

Happy weekend o jare!

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