6 Problems Only Rich People Will Understand!

6 Problems Only Rich People Will Understand!

Yvonne Williams

“Money doesn’t buy happiness”, “The rich also cry,”…“ More money, more problems”… ah yes, oh so familiar quotes often which keep echoing at our every turn… lol… Not that we actually believe them anyway. But hey, it offers a certain “consolation”  for our not being part of the “privileged” few *Eyes rolling*… Far from the perception that being rich automatically gets rid of all the problems one could ever have, reality paints a different picture no doubt; from being surrounded by needy folks who feel obligated to your hard earned cash, always having to sleep with one eye closed … yes, many many headaches abound. While rich folks aren’t necessarily bothered about the same kind of problems “average” folks deal with, being wealthy comes with its own baggage as well. 6 things only rich folks can relate to;

1. Everyone feels entitled to your wealth

Just because “fate” decided to smile at you, you automatically become the answer to everyone’s prayer – a source everyone runs to for help; from loans to investments to outright demands for their share without any refunds in the equation; it’s never the same with family and friends, strangers inclusive. Most times your refusal is equated to selfishness, and until they succeed to milk you dry, you’ll be deemed inconsiderate and tightfisted.

2. It’s harder to keep your indiscretions from the public

Got money? Well you can forget about keeping all your dirty little secrets and failures locked up; with loads of cash comes fame and no, you don’t have to be a celebrity. You bid your privacy goodbye as the world welcomes you with open arms to increased scrutiny. Unlike others, you can’t get away with anything – you live your life under a microscope. A singular mistake calls for public outrage; because let’s face it; of all the hardworking folks in the world, it just had to be you who gets to be wealthy?? Right?  #Jealousy

3. People are elated at your misfortune

Being in the public glare or being segregated amongst the so called upper class denies you the right of sympathy. People are never truly happy to see you climbing up the ladder without hitches, when something goes the other way, people take solace, as if your pain offers a certain comfort to their situation and you’re the very hindrance, holding them bound in miserable poverty.

4. Finding a lifelong partner can prove difficult


The fantasy;

To the average individual, “love don’t cost a thing” but you know different, don’t you? Love isn’t as simple as falling head over heels with just anyone, you’ve got to be extra careful because unlike others, you don’t know if there’re just there for the money, plus, as wealthy women you also get to deal with the headache of men thinking you’re so…out of their league – intimidating. Most average folk have the privilege of knowing when someone truly loves them for them, but for you? That’s just one hell of a fantasy.

5. Raising spoiled brats

Most rich folk tend to battle with this; it is often difficult to draw a line between offering your kids the very best life’s got to offer and teaching them the value of hard work – keeping them grounded. No doubt, you’ve worked so hard for the life you’ve got and spoiling your kids silly seems pretty normal, but we’ve seen it all too often haven’t we? Children from affluent families tend to place wealth above other quality things like; friendship and all as that sense of entitlement without any sense of empathy and compassion, which goes a long way in relationships with people.

6. They worry about being kidnapped

Being wealthy makes you a clear target of kidnappers; regardless of how low you try to hide, your wealth is always on people’s faces, so worrying about safety as well as their family is constant. Yes they’ve got security and all, but in truth no one can be trusted, so it all boils down to you. Think its all exaggeration? Think all those chilling kidnap cases brutal “inside jobs’ which keep making headlines, then you’ll understand their fear, which you don’t get to deal with.

In all, truth is while money can most definitely ease the burden, it never truly eases off the whole baggage.

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