RE: #NaijaChronicles: Naija Religion and outlandish promises of greatness


RE: #NaijaChronicles: Naija Religion and outlandish promises of greatness

Miracles are not a wealth creation strategy. Naija religion is dangerous. I’m a Christian by the way.
Religion to me should be a redemptive, transformative, personal relationship with your creator, through which we improve first our character, then our circumstances.
Instead we have this quick-fix, God-is-a-money-doubler mentality…

Shola Shade Ezeokoli


“God does not call the qualified. He calls the unqualified and makes them  qualified”. That’s what Christianity has been essentially reduced to in Nigeria  today. Catchy phrases and quotes  delivering empty and outlandish  promises of greatness and material acquisition premised on a zero  foundation of hardwork and 100% quicksand of bullshit euphemistically  called faith and grace. You think other countries will put in all the hardwork to get where they are today and we will achieve what they have achieved merely  by having faith in God’s grace? There’s  a greater chance of a snake actually  talking than that ever happening.

Esosa Omo-Usoh

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