5 Lifelong Lessons A Heartbreak Teaches you!

5 Lifelong Lessons A Heartbreak Teaches you!

Yvonne Williams

There you were high up in the clouds thinking you were going to spend the rest of your life with this “special” person but then, somehow, a few months down the line,  the harsh reality dawns, it’s over! Hopes, fantasies, dreams and all, gone, just like that, zap! The pain you feel? All shades of real. A heartbreak is one of the toughest things to go through; you feel like your whole world has crumbled and nothing else seems to have any meaning. True, it’s an overwhelming experience which brings intense emotional pain and self doubt, but with the pain comes some valuable lessons no doubt.  5 lifelong lessons a heartbreak teaches you;

1. You don’t always get what you want 

Love is a beautiful feeling; it makes you feel like shouting on top of the roof and smile sheepishly at your every turn; you become a part of your partner and there’s no denying you always want to be with that person. You see the future, and they’re in it with you all the way – picture perfect! A heady feeling you just can’t explain. But alas, when it all comes crashing down, you realise the painful truth, you can’t always have what you desire. When it comes to love, it most definitely takes two to tango.

2. Fulfillment lies within yourself, not with others

When you’re head over heels in love with someone, you tend to build your world around that person and expect same. Your happiness if you let it, is carved around that person and when it’s all gone, you feel broken and empty. After a heartbreak, you begin rediscovering yourself, knowing the things that bring you fulfillment and sparing nothing to achieve it.

3. You make yourself a priority

You become the most important person in the world to you. No longer do you go out of your way for a certain someone, you learn from your mistakes and the word “values” take centre stage. More than ever you become conscious in your relationships, you now have standards  and that’s a good thing so that heart doesn’t get taken for granted once more.

4. First love isn’t usually right love

Although you’ve got many romance novels telling you otherwise, first love in reality is somewhat exaggerated.  Most people hardly end up with the first person they fall for. Yes, you’ve got those “precious” memories but still, it’s not just enough. Often times you come to realise they’re aren’t just the right one. So instead of settling, you pick up your broken heart and move on to a more special love.

5. Life always goes on

Yes, it totally hurts like hell to have your precious heart broken, but you will survive! It may not seem like it, but understanding that heartbreaks happen for a reason beyond your control helps you move on. But just like life goes on, love comes, again, and again and again each time bringing with it a heartbreak till you finally find that special someone. When you look back at last, you’ll realise it’s all distant memory.

My take, just like everything in life, love is a risk; you lose sometimes, you get it right other times, but in all heartbreaks happens because it sure wasn’t going to work out anyway. So keep that head up, it only gets better!

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