4 Awesome Tips For The Insecure Girl!

4 Awesome Tips For The Insecure Girl!

Yvonne Williams

 I hate my huge thighs, my boobs are too huge, my flat butt is so… annoying! Urgh! And I’ve got to lose 10 pounds by December! Why me lord?? Sounds familiar? Maybe you’ve got that “unsightly” love handle, bulging tummy which just bluntly refuses to stay still or perhaps you’re not as skinny or as curvy as you might want. Something to note; no one is perfect – everyone deals with insecurities. The sad truth however is, most women often forget this and feel overwhelmed with their insecurities. They hardly truly are in love with the person staring right back at them in the mirror and that’s a problem. Loving every inch of your body and feeling super confident is one “gift” not everyone is born with, but still, learning to love your body is achievable and the ultimate way to go! Feel insecure about you body? 4 tips just for you;

1. Love your curves

So what you’re not as skinny as Naomi Campbell or Agbani Derego? You’ve got your own curves working for you. You got amazing voluptuous curves, some ladies will absolutely kill for, stop trying to hide them, flaunt them instead and work it!  Everyone’s unique in their own special way, different body shapes and all and that’s the beauty of it. Wonder how come Kim K’s  was able to get heads turning without owning the ultimate skinny body? Confidence. Love you!

2. Your scales and you should be best friends

Not being confident about your weight totally affects every aspect of your being. Yes it’s scary, coming to terms with the reality of how much weight you’ve gained, but you’ve just got to muster that courage to hit those scales every now and then. Doing this from time to time will help keep you in check physically as well as health-wise. A scale is accurate and extremely important, hold it close.

3. Fight your inner perfectionist

It’s pretty normal to want  everything to be perfect, but your body will be an exception, that’s the honest truth. You can’t have the perfect body. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be perfect. Being a perfectionist means you tend to pick out even the tiniest bit of flaws from basically everything and your body is no exception, but since no one is born perfect, you need to focus on your body’s strength not weaknesses. Give yourself a break.

4. Positive thinking is the way to go

It can be pretty difficult but you’ve got to embrace who you are, remind yourself of things you like about your body; maybe you’ve got those full succulent natural lips Kylie Jenner even with all millions of dollars at her disposal can’t brag of naturally, that’s a good thing and it should make you feel proud, or maybe you’ve that hot body with a not so pretty face, who says you have to be perfect anyway? Own you and remain positive, that’s a great way to boost your self esteem!

Love thyself!

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