Recession or No Recession, the Christmas Holiday is on!

Recession or No Recession, the Christmas Holiday is on!


The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. And though the dwindling economic situation in the country has shown little or no sign of improving, some Nigerians aren’t backing down on their holiday plans while for a few others, it might not be the best of holidays after all. Happenings Magazine correspondent Odunayo Adeneye took to the streets to find out how Nigerians plan on spending the holidays.

Sunny Marcus: “Everyone would love to spend it well, I have not been home for the three years, so I am travelling to my village this year; my relatives have been disturbing me to come home. I have not seen some of them in the last five years. The icing on the cake is that I am also planning my traditional marriage alongside.”

Mrs. Falomo: “I would be travelling in December 2016, but I should be back in Nigeria to celebrate Christmas. I should attend parties and have some fun. Last year was a bit boring, but I have promised myself this year is going to be very exciting.”

Mr. PIUS: “Personally, I don’t have any plans yet, but I should be travelling back to my village in Imo State. It would be a very ‘critical Christmas’ in the history of Nigeria; since I was born, I have never witnessed such a harsh economic dispensation before, but I believe I would spend my Christmas holiday very well.”

Miss. KELECHI: “Well, I don’t really have any plans as I would be working all through the festive period. In fact on Christmas day, I am occupied already. I think last year’s would be better than this year, you can see from the economic situation in the country.”

Mr. FRANCIS: “I am travelling to my hometown in Akwa-Ibom. I believe Christmas would be fantastic than that of last year, forget recession; for me life goes on, we have to keep pushing oooo.”

Peter Ugochukwu: “It is not going to be different. I am a business man, so I would be in the country thinking of how to close more deals. It depends on my mood, if I feel like travelling out, I fill my luggage and I am out. As far as my business is moving forward and I am doing well, I care less about the economy.”

Miss. Nnnena: “I am planning to travel to the East; I should be celebrating with my immediate family and extended relatives in the village.”

Emmanuel Okoro: “Fortunately for me, I would have my wedding in December, so that is how I would be celebrating. From the economic situation in the country, it is obvious it is going to be on a low.”

Oluwatosin Michael: “I would be in Lagos; I would be with my family. I am not an outgoing person; I am indifferent about the economy.”

Miss. Priscilla: “I don’t think I have any Christmas holiday, I would be here working during Christmas. Everyone is expected to be at work. We hope this year gets better because sales have been very slow and dry.”

Engineer Uchendu:  “I would be travelling to my home-town in Anambra State with the whole family, I want to go and celebrate in my father’s house. I have not been home for the past four years. I was building a house but now that I have completed it, I am going to the village to celebrate with my folks. It would be sweeter than this crowded and noisy Lagos.”

How do you plan on spending the Christmas holidays?

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