Hey Mayowa! What’s In that bag? #SneakPeek

Hey Mayowa! What’s In that bag? #SneakPeek


Okay, some ladies tend to be ex…tremely girly, just take a peek; all shades of pink lipstick, powder, eyepencils…it just goes on and on… while others, well, don’t really bother; as long as they’ve got that charger and wallet, everything’s sorted! So yeah, the contents of every lady’s bag vary from lady to lady as they serve “individual purposes.” And why not? Hand bags contain every lady’s essentials –  the hidden, most prized possessions that make up our everyday composition. That is why bags are a lady’s best friend!

In this edition we will be looking at the contents of Mayowa Adebayo’s bag. Mayowa is a blogger and she graciously gave us permission to invade her privacy. Lol… Take  a look;

Here’s what I have in my bag;

My wallet, to store my Identity cards, ATM cards, business cards, money and any other paper junk I have.
My sunshades and its case, to shield my eyes from the tropical Nigerian sun.
Hand sanitiser, I don’t go anywhere without it. (lol)
A scarf, to cover myself from the cold in Ife (the weather there is unstable)
A Gideon Bible… need I say more?
My charger and phone are supposed to be there too, but I’m charging my phone

There you have it; Mayowa’s bag has been unveiled; question is – is she a girly girl or… Lol… I bet we’ve got our answer!

Get in here ladies! What do you have in your bag?

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