5 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Give up!

5 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Give up!

Yvonne Williams

Hitting rock bottom can be tons of frustrating, at that moment you tend to go through a range of emotions; self doubt, insecurity, hopelessness and all. Although failing is never a good feeling, it is key to always remember, it’s a pretty normal experience which you pass through in order to learn – so in the end, it all depends on how you respond to failing.  5 reasons why you can’t afford to just hang in the towel when the hard times come calling;

1. Success isn’t rewarding if it’s easy

Ever heard the saying nothing good comes easy? Just think about it, it totally applies in every aspect of our lives, even in the dating world! There’s nothing as elating as conquering that quest which has proven stubborn all along, a special moment indeed. Achieving success is rewarding, especially when you put in a lot of work. Think of the most beautiful success stories, trust me, the journey’s never pretty. So stick right there.

2. Prove others wrong

I mean how on top of the world would you feel, when you can at last look at your critics eyeball to eyeball and say – “I told you so!”, right there, in your face!, that feeling, even words can’t perfectly describe. When they say you can’t do something, strive to prove them wrong; work hard, read more and give it your all, like your life depends on it. Next time when you see others mocking, don’t go sulking, fight for what you believe and make them choke on their own words.

3. Regret isn’t a feeling you want to end up with

Regret is the worse feeling a person can feel and that’s no exaggeration. Instead of ending up with feelings of regret because you refused to push a little harder, dare to push a little bit harder. Do what you have to and do it now! Everyone gets scared, but that ability to launch even in the face of the tiniest flicker of hope is what sets successful people from others. Each time you get scared and want to take the easy way out by giving up, think of the all the things you can possibly achieve.

4. You need to prove it to yourself

There’s no better confidence booster than achieving that which you never thought you could. It’s great for your self esteem. Although it’s nice to get that recognition from others, impressing yourself should be the ultimate goal, it leaves you on top of the world. Note, success doesn’t mean you’ll never fall, but giving up when you fail is failure. You’re not a loser, do not allow anything stop you from achieving your goal, even you.

5. Failure is normal

Everyone has faced failure at one point in their lives, even the most successful individuals. Michael Jordan who failed over and over again grew to be one of the world’s most successful basketball players,  because he was able to pick himself time and again each time he fell without giving up.  Failure is a normal process in life, it helps you become a better you, but accepting to dwell on that spot is an unforgivable sin. Never accept it.

Remember, each time giving up seems like the only reasonable option available, remind yourself nothing ever comes easy – Keep pushing till you get to your destination!

Good luck!

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