What crazy things have you done for love?

What crazy things have you done for love?


Believe me; love can make you do strange things! Like the young man who was all over social media today for trekking from Lagos to Zaria all in the name of love, we all have at one time or the other done crazy things for love! I mean, faking your own death, committing a crime to trekking miles! Though these somewhat whacky gestures may seem the best decision at the time, love can overshadow rationality. Here, a couple of Nigerians share their own crazy love stories with us.

Correspondence by Kikelomo Onigbanjo

Peter Shodeinde – “Well… at my babe’s request at the time, I went to the common room in her hostel, picked up the P.A system and started announcing my name, department and room number and I told all her hostel mates that I was in love with her. It was a crazy situation for me; I was a very shy person.”

Olamide Anthony – “I walked with a lady for a very long distance at a very late hour, around 11:00pm. We were talking and gisting. I am kind of a lover boy. I knew she was cheating, yet I still love her. I don’t know if it is crazy enough.”

Kehinde Salisu – “I bought a whole lot of provisions for one particular girl on her birthday, took her out and spent my last card on her; I was even stranded, only for her real boyfriend to come and take her away from the place. I was friend zoned…”

Tosin Abbah – “There was a time my boyfriend broke up with me. I starved myself for a week. I was crying and I did not go anywhere for that week. It was when I heard he already had someone else I borrowed myself brain and I ate a very large plate of amala. I never tried starving myself again.”

Jide Fawole – “I am not really into love like that, but there was once a girl I liked in secondary school. I was always following her everywhere she was going and buying her stuff, I did not have a life then. She eventually dissed me in front of the whole school on the assembly ground. I was so embarrassed!”

Janet Isaac – “I had a boyfriend at a time. I was his official house girl. I will go to his house, cook, clean, wash all his laundry, clean his toilet and all. He made us have sex in various places I cannot even say. He always said he liked his girls to be crazy, yet he still broke up with me.”

Teddy Osasuwen – “That’s a tough one… The only one I can remember was when I was in secondary school. On a Friday night, my girlfriend came late for dinner, I was doing knight in shining armour, and I gave her my food. On Saturday, inspections took really late, I was so hungry, I sat on the floor and cried my eyes out.”

Michael Adeyanju – “There was a time my girlfriend’s dad did not like me. He was always chasing me away from his daughter, but I stayed put with her. One day we were getting busy, he caught us in the act. He chased me down their street with a pestle. I was in my underwear. I still went back to her though.”

Tunde Adeleye – “I waited for a girl that was travelling down to my place from 7:00pm till 12:30am at Oshodi garage just to take her home; I was bitten by mosquitoes and harassed by the touts there, only to find out that she did not leave her house. She even insulted me when I called her.”

Mojisola Ogunyebo – “I gave my first JAMB form money to my then boyfriend (now husband) to buy his first phone. On the day of the JAMB exam, I dressed up and went to play at a friend’s house. Of course I failed the exam. I wrote another one the next year. I know that my mum knew I did not write that exam. We laugh about it now.”

James Ukandu – “I was in secondary school when this happened. There was a girl I had a crazy crush on.  I called it love back then. There was a day I saw her with her friends, I was with mine too. I saw her and bought her ice cream. I was staring at her so much that I wanted to cross the road without looking. I was almost run over by a bus. But my friends pulled me back. I am still being teased about it till today.”

Maryam Asunmo – “I fought another girl for a man during my NYSC days. We fought in front of our Zonal Inspector’s office during clearance. I later found out that the both of us were side chicks. His real girlfriend was at home waiting for him.”

Emmanuel Ojo – “I stole my mum’s money and sent to my girlfriend to come over. When she came and we started making out, my mum called me and started asking for her money right in front of her. Instead of the girl to keep quiet, she confirmed the amount I sent to her as the amount that was missing in my mum’s purse. I could not cry.”

Chukwuemeka Osaji – “I drove from Lagos to Ife in the middle of the night to see a girl I had a crush on, on her birthday. I had a flat tire that day, but I put the extra tyre and I travelled without an extra tyre. And my boot was filled to the brim with all sorts of gifts. This babe only said ‘thank you’ without a second glance at me.”

Taibat Adams – “I travelled from Lagos to Abuja to see my boyfriend and he was not expecting me. I found another lady there and I was told to leave. I did not have enough transport on me to get me back. I was stranded in Abuja.”

So have you ever done any crazy thing in the name of love?  Share in the comment section.

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