5 Annoying Struggles Of Keeping Long Nails!

Yvonne Williams

Keeping long nails might be super chic, but honestly between you and I, we both know it can be a major pain in the ass! Yes, you look all sophisticated and glamorous with them and all, but going through your daily routine can be a pretty annoying. Let’s see; apart from the fact that you can’t eat the African way with your bare hands, grab a sponge and have a quick bath, plus, it takes zillion years to complete simple random chores like laying the bed or even doing laundry, you’ll agree keeping those stylish nails come with a whole lot of drama, quite traumatizing really, (Okay, slight exaggeration but still, ). Lol… 5 annoying struggles of keeping long nails;

1. Putting on any type of jewellery that has a clasp totally drains you

Trust me, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to clap your favorite neck piece for eternity simply because you’ve got those fake nails on, it can really test your patience! Somehow keeping long nails sort of leaves you incapacitated; you need help to clasp your neck piece, bracelet, earrings or even any kind of jewellery for that matter. Tons of frustrating no doubt.

2. Typing on a keyboard

Well you can kiss you secret typing goodbye; when you’ve got long nails you’ve got to be prepared to attract attention each time you chat away on phone or your computer. Over time, however, you device better typing methods of using the pad of your fingers which won’t annoy the hell out of your colleagues each time you go tapping on the keys.

3. Buttoning anything

Shirt, pants, blazers, everything becomes a struggle. You no longer have the liberty of buttoning and un-bottoning absent mindedly, now you tread with caution and utmost devotion. You spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to get those buttons done and un-done, which would automatically take your time. Now you’ve got to use both hands and the sides of your fingers to get those buttons done. The stress!

4. Applying any makeup with your fingers isn’t happening

So you’ve listened to tons of makeup tutorials telling you just how good it is to use your fingertips to achieve better results and since then you’ve been an avid follower of this rule, after all it gets that makeup on fleek! Well with those long nails, you can say goodbye to wearing foundation and eye shadows with your fingers, no blending nothing – brushes it is!

5. Putting in contacts is war!

Even when you didn’t have those fake nails you still had to be careful, now it’s super annoying just to get those contacts in. One mistake, and you can get those eyes watering or blurry  and lord knows when that happens your whole makeup is ruined! Liner and mascara make their way down your face effortlessly. The trauma… lol

But hey, whether or not those super long nails stress us out of our minds, you can’t do without them – Beauty is pain, every girl’s golden rule!

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