Men! 8 Things You Do That Women Find Attractive

Men! 8 Things You Do That Women Find Attractive

Yvonne Williams

Come to think of it, what makes a lady notice a man in a room filled with millions of men? Truth be told, sometimes he isn’t even all that; no ripped body, definitely no hidden six pack abs and all that, nothing distinctive actually! Yet it’s pretty obvious all the girls can’t help but swoon over him like he’s something out of this world! Point is, although every girl has little something(s) that turn them on, a lot of ladies generally love the same old traits! Wondering what they are? Take a look;

1. You have a great sense of humour 

Trying too hard to be funny is a huge turn-off to women, it rather makes you appear silly but when you’ve got a natural sense of humour, that’s obviously a good thing you got working for you. Women like to come back home to a man who can make them smile not some boring individual who doesn’t know how to just calm down and just have fun, and why not? it’s a tough world out there after all. So guys, if you’ve got a great sense of humour (which isn’t based on constantly tearing others down just to appear funny), know you’re in the good books with the women folk.

2. Being kind to strangers

Like seriously, how cool is that, huh? Just seeing a man being nice, especially to strangers is a huge turn on! Catching a guy unawares being nice to someone he obviously doesn’t know shows strength of character, women love that. Be nice, help out; out shopping and you see a stranger trying to get something that’s totally beyond the person’s reach from top of the shelf, help out, don’t just stand there watching the person struggle when you can easily reach for it, it goes a long way to show you’ve got a kind heart.

3. You’re good with your mum (and other female members of your family)

Being good with your mum and other female members goes a long way to show how you tend to treat other women, especially your love. When you treat your mum and sisters well and get along with members of your family in general, it shows you be great with your woman. And no, we’re not saying you should be a mama’s boy or call your sisters every single minute, that’s a huge no no, just have a great relationship with them. We totally love that.

4. You dress well

Forget personality at first glance, your total outlook matters a whole lot when it comes to impression. Yes, we understand you’re a pretty simple individual who doesn’t bother with vain headaches such as looking dapper and on point 24/7, but hey, you can put a little effort. No woman would gladly give you an audience if you appear looking like a homeless dude even if you’re mega rich and super fine, so stop using being “comfy” as an excuse. Whatever your personal style, just look good, simple!

5. You’re not a “yes man”

Ladies love a man who’s absolutely confident in himself, he knows who he is and doesn’t feel the need or pressure to go out of his way to be liked. We love a man who stands up for himself and isn’t afraid of being tagged arrogant, you know what you want and would not allow anyone to take you for granted. There’s no nothing more sexy than a man who stands firm, regardless of the opposition.

6. You listen

Many men find it difficult to listen, most times, they’re there physically nodding and smiling while you rant your lungs out, but somehow you know he isn’t listening and that hurts big time. Being physically present but in another world makes us feel like we’re a bother, like you don’t really care. It hurts to be with someone who doesn’t really pay attention to you, yes we get it, there’re times when you just want to be left alone and all, but snubbing us constantly, makes us feel like we aren’t worth your time and that’s not going in your favour, trust me,

7. You express yourself in little ways

A random phone call out of nowhere, a surprise trip to her office, a surprise dinner or even a loving cuddle, peek or  simply just holding her hand, these speak volumes. Hearing you say the actual ” I love you” phrase is nice, but doing these random stuff is simply sweet. It goes a long way to show you care about us. Tell your lady you love her from time to time and compliment it with these seemingly trivial stuff, you’ll be surprised.

8. You know where you’re headed

I mean really, just how are you supposed to love a dude who doesn’t even have a glimpse of where he’s headed? How in the world are you supposed to hold intelligent conversations with this person or sort out things when financial issues rare up? Guys, this is super important and no, it’s not her having unrealistic standards, it’s very important you’re headed somewhere, this helps the love run smooth and to the inspiring lover boy, know future plans are important. Man up, be inspired and have a dream that you’re chasing for God sake! This point of attraction cannot be underrated.

There you are, eight steps closer to being the man ladies can’t get over!

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