5 Things Real Men Don’t Do In Relationships!

5 Things Real Men Don’t Do In Relationships!

Yvonne Williams

Want to be the ultimate alpha male who’s got his girl’s heart locked down? Then trust me, there’re a couple of things you’ve just got to lose – unwanted boyish baggage!, you’ve got that right. I mean really you get to meet this seemingly amazing dude who obviously has everything going for him; all decked that gorgeous suit, armed with a sleek ride looking all sophisticated and accomplished,  yup, every inch the perfect male, but oh, just one teeny weeny detail,  he’s going home to his PARENTS! Plus, painfully lacking in the maturity department? Rewind… How about that for the ultimate deal breaker!  So… not sexy, let’s not forget the endless hookups too. Lol…  Guys, 5 things you’ve got to stop right now;

1. Being insecure and competitive

It’s great that your ego isn’t exactly on the rooftop begging for some stroking,  but hey, having to reassure you every single time, please, no lady loves all that drama of dealing with a fragile ego, tons of frustrating. You needing constant reassurance and being threatened by her many successes or hotter blokes wouldn’t take you anywhere. A real man is supportive of his girl and secure in himself and abilities, so stop being insecure. Definitely not doing you any good.

2. Disrespecting your girl

Want to feel respected? Respect your girl! It’s isn’t all about how she should treat you, how do you treat her? A relationship has to do with both individuals. A strong long-lasting relationship is based on mutual respect; you both need to respect each other. Don’t beat her or try to shut her up, hear her opinion and respect them, don’t make her feel less than special it will only drive her to counter you. Be strong, not an insecure bloke tagging her every move and checking other ladies out in front or behind her back.

3. Not communicating

If you’re thinking of taking your relationship real serious then you’ve got to learn how to communicate, it’s totally important – the bedrock of any strong relationship. Talk and listen to her, it goes a long way in bringing harmony in your relationship. Make her know how crazy you are about her and never be afraid to voice your thoughts even in the most uncomfortable situations, after all, things aren’t expected to go all smooth – even the most perfect relationships. Be honest, never hide you true feelings and you both will be singing the love song forever.

4. Obsessing over looks

So as a young dude it was pretty normal to be carried away with a lady’s physical features; beauty to you was totally about hot lingerie models and wanting to do them. But as you mature, although attraction still holds its place, you understand that there’re a thousand and one things that make a girl beautiful. With experience, you understand things like personality and the beauty of imperfections, rather than dwelling in fantasy world where you think she must be perfect.

5. Indecisiveness about the future

You know those day when you couldn’t care less about complicated matters such as the future and goals, that was sort of okay, THEN. Obviously anything long term didn’t exist as with girls, now however, years have undeniably rolled by and you’re obviously not a boy anymore. You need to have details such as where you’re headed, future goals and how you intend to achieve them including relationship goals all figured out. In a relationship? Then be ready to commit, don’t go messing around while holding on to someone, not cool. Having a clear picture of the future plays a huge part in your being a man and your love life isn’t excluded from the mix either.

Get rid of these five things and you’ll be on your way to being the guy who keeps his girl happy.

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