4 Signs You Need To Stop Dating For A While!

4 Signs You Need To Stop Dating For A While!

Yvonne Williams

The fact that you’re single shouldn’t automatically mean you’re one sad and lonely individual, but society tends to think so. Sometimes, being in the dating world can get really tiring and boring and at that point you just don’t feel like doing it anymore, well, you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t allow yourself feel pressured into dating just because your pals are all dating, a little break sometimes could do you a world of good, mentally and emotionally. Fed up of all the dating advice everyone seems to be throwing at you from every corner? That might just be a sign that you need to take a chill pill from the dating game. 4 signs you need a break;

1. You don’t have a personal life 

Your entire life is centred around your partner, while everything else is suffering. You invest your whole energy in the relationship that you barely have time to even enjoy your own company let alone hang out with family, your career is also bearing the heat. If you can relate then you need to start building your future outside your partner.

2. Your ex is still in the picture, big time!

No doubt you and your ex have called it quits officially, however there’re still a huge part of your life; you call them constantly spilling all the juice about your current relationship, you fill them in on basically everything happening in your world, in fact it’s like they never even left! That’s not a good sign.   Although it’s nice you’re still on talking terms with your ex, staying in touch constantly is a red flag that you’re still holding on to the past which can be quite detrimental to you and your partner.

3. You have no clue what you want

Are you looking for a serious relationship or just a hook-up? What kind of partner are you looking out for? These are questions you should have readily available answers to. Do you get all excited each time you meet someone new only to get bored and never go out on a second date with them, and to say the truth they’re quite a lot? If you notice that you get bored quickly easily a lot and dating isn’t fun anymore, it’s best you take a break so you can decide what you truly want.

4. You recently got out of a relationship

Breaking up with someone comes with a lot of emotions that need time to get sorted out, so jumping right in into another relationship immediately after a breakup might not be the right thing to do. Being on the rebound or looking for revenge sex never helps. Take time out to get over your ex before jumping into the dating world. Don’t go pulling someone else along for a ride you know is headed nowhere. Not nice!

Dating is fun, but if you’re feeling all choked up with the whole routine, it’s best you relax and enjoy your own company.

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