6 Tell Tale Signs You’re In love With Your BFF

6 Tell Tale Signs You’re In love With Your BFF

Yvonne Williams

Funny how this happens pretty often; you guys meet, cling instantly, love hanging out together having simple mutual platonic fun, no strings attached and then… fast forward; somehow along the line you begin to notice how awesome and good looking he/she actually is, how you just can’t stop thinking about them…oh hell! You’ve fallen hopelessly for you bestie! Just how did that happen? So you wonder, is this actually love… What’s going on in their head; is the feeling mutual? Should you bother risking it all just because of “mere feelings”?, What’s the fate of your beautiful friendship with your partner in crime when lines are crossed. Thing is, at this stage the last thing you need is keeping yourself in denial, admitting helps you sort your feelings and that’s the first step in the right direction. 6 signs;

1. You constantly talk/ text this person

You totally love keeping this person updated on your EVERY move and love knowing what’s happening in theirs as well. In fact, your day isn’t complete without the usual back and forth conversation with this person. It goes deeper; when something funny, amazing or even terrible happens to you, you can’t just wait to share it with them, even before sharing it with your significant other. Red flag.

 2. Your texting continues late into the night

Late at night when you should probably be in the dream world or chatting/ cuddling with your significant other, you find yourself texting the night away with this person. In fact, staying awake just to know every single detail in their world is one sacrifice you’re ever willing to make. Green light it is.

3. You go green each time they choose to be with someone else

Your heart’s so not stable right now …each time you spot them checking other people out it enrages you beyond words. You love it when their whole world is centred around only one person and that’s you! Anything else is “total disrespect,” how dare them?

4. You’re hopelessly invested in their world

Let’s face it, you’ve become sort of an extended family member; you know everything about them – their parents. siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephew all that info is on the lock down. A rift between this person and anyone is one war you take all too personal , after all you’ve got to have their back every time, right? -Wrong!

5. Your happiest moments are when it is just the two of you!

Being all alone with this person makes you feel on top of the world. While its okay to want to hang out with this person, it shouldn’t be a bother when someone else comes in the mix; especially their partner. If you feel threatened by their presence because feel you’ll be sharing them, then you might want to do some really good thinking.

6. They’re the only one that can truly make you smile

Somehow this person, out of the millions of friends you have, the seem to be the only one that can put a smile on that face when you’re really really upset. They just know the right words to say to comfort you when your whole world seems to be sinking real deep. Hate to break it to you but that might just be sweet beautiful love!

Love is all shades of beautiful and complicated, isn’t it? Lol…

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