#LagosBusChronicles 65

#LagosBusChronicles 65


By Kikelomo Onigbanjo

Thank God it’s Friday!

This morning started on a really slow note…

I dragged myself to the bus stop looking like this:

When I got to the bus stop, I joined a bus with different characters of people

Gather round, let me go into an analysis of some of them:

One woman had a crying baby that did not give one minute quietness in the bus

It was like that baby was determined to give everybody a headache

We had another man that was talking loudly on phone; he needed to get a huge amount of money before the end of today so he was making a lot of calls and shouting on phone

The guy that sat directly behind me gave the conductor N200 and he was given N50 change because the bus was N150 that was how he started ranting

He said that he still boarded the bus at N100 the day before

His story carried on to the 80s and 90s when transportation was much cheaper than what it is now

He even linked it to the times of his forefathers for emphasis

The guy went on and on like a drone; a really boring drone!

One man in the bus was so angry; he had to give him N50 from his own pocket with these words:

But they went on and on with their noise, making the bus look like a market place

All I had to do was to do this because they ended up giving me a headache

Why always me?

Happy weekend!

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