4 Warning Signs You Are Wasting Your Life And Don’t Even Realise It!

4 Warning Signs You Are Wasting Your Life And Don’t Even Realise It!

Yvonne Williams

Settling for the easier option as you grow older because somehow your hopes, dreams and goals sort of seems unrealistic and unattainable might seem like the most comfortable route, but the question is – how much comfort does that option truly bring you in the end? Instead of giving up and taking things as they come,  find new goals or look for ways to achieve your set goals. Understandably, admitting you’ve kind of wandered round the lost path for a long while takes a lot of courage, but be encouraged, that’s the first step to setting you on the right course once more. A change is what you need to set you in the right direction. 4 tell- tale signs you’re wasting your life;

1. “Good enough” has become the new standard

Gone are the days when you used to struggle to become better or achieve more. Nowadays, you’ve become content with the crumbs life offers you. You no longer put in effort in everything you do, you’ve built your world around you comfort zone because you’re too scared to fail or get disappointed, but that’s not the way to go. Never confuse being content with settling for less, they’re very way different. Push yourself, take a risk to improve and get the life you deserve.

2. You spend too much time doing things you shouldn’t be doing

How do you spend your time? Do just wake up, lie in bed counting the ceiling and eating all the delicacies the world’s got to offer? Do you while away your time surfing social media networking sites for the latest updates? Or do you put in an appreciable amount of time to making sure you achieve your dreams? How do you spend the majority of your day? Truthfully answer these questions then decide if you’re maximising the life you’ve got or wasting it away. This reevaluation would help you make necessary changes if needed.

3. You complain a lot

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about your job, family, love life…everything? That’s negativity and it wouldn’t help you in the least. Negativity keeps you stuck, it shut your eyes against opportunities. Complaining every time prevents you from seizing opportunities to get better, in contrast, accepting setbacks as challenges and opportunities to change your life helps you achieve more, giving you a fulfilled life. Happiness comes with leading a fulfilled life. Do! rather than complain.

4. You feel uninspired

Do you find yourself gradually sinking into blandness not giving a hoot about life and what it’s got to offer. Do you find yourself lacking passion to pursue anything? If you do you’re most likely headed towards the letting life- pass you- by- zone. Rediscover what truly excites you, take hold of opportunities and make future plans.  Don’t fret, take it slow, make a step-by-step plan to guide you along the way. This would no doubt make you feel inspired, but careful though, make sure you set dreams and goals that are unrealistic so you don’t set yourself up for depression.

If you find yourself “wasting away” don’t give up, you can make changes gradually – start with your mind – Positivity is key to change!

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