Annie Idibia Unvealed as New Brand Ambassador For UK Skincare Line L’Avyanna (Photos)

Annie Idibia Unvealed as New Brand Ambassador For UK Skincare Line L’Avyanna (Photos)

Mfonobong Akpan

Nollywood actress Annie Idibia, has been unveiled as the brand ambassador of UK skincare line L’Avyanna Skin Naturals.

L’Avyanna means “The Strong Beautiful Woman” a fusion of French ‘L’ with the native American name, Avyanna.

As the new brand ambassador for a UK skincare line called L’Avyanna, Annie Idibia has a lot of positive testimony to share about this brand which she’s tried and tested. Check out her stunning pictures where she bares it all with confidence.

Annie wrote on Instagram, “When your skin feels great and you are confident to bare it all… that’s what L’Avyanna does to you. Be that strong beautiful woman today… I know I am 😊. Get yours today @lavyanna_skin”

“Thanks to @lavyanna_skin Natural Super Skin Detox Vitamin C Collections.. I Honestly Can Now boast of High Potency Vitamin C product that truly Workssssss💃💃 Truth is my boo boo is sooooooooo in love with my skin n it’s glow right now(he can’t get his hands off my skin🙈🙈🙈),and i am more confident about how my skin looks and feels …lawwwwwwwwd am drooling over me🙈 Took me Many years to find what actually works for my skin…. thanks @lavyanna_skin.”

L’Avyanna produces natural and organic skin care products that are high performance but free of harsh chemicals and parabens, and has been named as one of the ‘Raw Beauty’ collections in British Vogue… Tatler’s ‘Beauty-Booty’ Skin glowing products and GQ’s ‘The Dapper Gents’. L’Avyanna Skin Naturals is a collection of skincare products targeted to basked men and women in Nigeria with high-performance and high-potency skin care nutrients.

Annie sure looks fabulous in these photos!

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