#HolidayShopping: “Wear the best clothes, eat the best food and make merry” – Georgio Clothier

#HolidayShopping: “Wear the best clothes, eat the best food and make merry” – Georgio Clothier


The holiday shopping is surely underway for many Nigerians, but if you haven’t started on yours, there’s still time for some last minute shopping. For the stylish men who want to stay on top of their game this holiday season, Georgio Clothier has got you covered. You can get everything you need to dress up for any occasion! Georgio Clothier also has a 20% price slash this Yuletide season.

Correspondence by Kikelomo Onigbanjo

My name is Amanze George, the MD/CEO of Georgio Clothier. Georgio Clothier is an Italian clothing store where we meet the wardrobe needs for men alone. We deal in exclusive clothing like suits, shoes, tee shirts, shirts, jeans, belts and accessories. We are on 59 Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos.

How have Nigerians been responding to the establishment of an Italian store?

Nigerians have a sense of style. We can say that Nigerians are some of the best dressed in Africa. A lot of people love style and Georgio is for stylish people.

What is your New Year stock like?

Well our New Year stock is really going to be cool. We are going to have a 20% price slash on our items as a way to appreciate our customers and make them feel appreciated by us.

What is New Year to you?

The New Year is a season of celebration where you commune with family and friends; relax and have fun. It’s done once in a year so wear the best clothes, eat the best food and make merry. It’s as simple as that.

What are the high and low points of your business?

Recently the business turnover has not been impressive. Everything just hit rock bottom. We cannot deny that it really hit us bad, but we are pushing and we know that things will get better soon. The high point is that I am happy when my customers look good. I am also happy when I see something on them and I realise that it actually came from our store. It gladdens my heart.

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