5 Real Good Reasons Why Being Single At Christmas Is All Shades Of Awesome!

5 Real Good Reasons Why Being Single At Christmas Is All Shades Of Awesome!

Yvonne Williams

No doubt, you’ve been bombarded with a thousand and one reasons why being single on Christmas is like the worst thing ever; tons and tons of romance novels and movies blurring your vision with seemingly endless lovebirds all cuddled up and springing up surprise packages at every blink….ah yes, romance in its full glory. Well scratch that! Guess what? Being single at Christmas is all shades of awesome and yes, you can do all bad by yourself – Who needs that one minute facade of niceness just for the heck of the season anyway?? Five reasons why being single during the festive period should make you feel nothing less than fabulous;

1. You can be wild and free

Now how about that? I mean sometimes you just want to get wild and free and just have fun without being accountable to anyone. Needless to say, having a significant other can be a major killjoy; you’ve got to act composed, you don’t get to hang out with that totally hot dude/chick obviously checking you out all because we’ve got the word “commitment” to thank, them putting a dampener on your vibe dictating your choice of outfit… Let’s face it, although been in a relationship is nice, sometimes it could be one hell of a baggage to take on. But when you’ve got only you to think of, you can socialise and have massive fun.

2. Staying in

Popcorn, ice cream, cosy homely atmosphere with you doing absolutely nothing but enjoying your favourite Christmas movies…Sounds perfect right? Not everyone loves the outdoors, dealing with traffic jam during the holiday just because you feel obligated to tag along might seem like a huge burden. If you belong to the single zone, you wouldn’t have to bother about hurting anyone’s feelings or sacrificing and hitting the roads all in the name of love. You can live your life just the way you want to and that’s pretty awesome.

3. Not having ackward conversation with prospective in-laws/in-laws

Imagine having to place on that plastic smile for hours, bored out of your mind and indulging in conversations with your so  in-laws which honestly don’t interest you, not forgetting the ackward silence in between conversation, then dealing with pains from the side of your face following that fake smile you had to place on your face…Not pretty right? Well, you can revel in your freedom as you won’t have to deal with that headache. Good riddance!

4. Save lots of cash

Awesome right? Nothing like too much extra cash! Single? Thank your stars! Instead of spending loads of cash trying to impress that “special someone”, you get to save up big time. No expensive gifts to splurge on a certain someone, no surprise trip/ shopping .. It’s all about you! You!! You!!! You can decide to save up for the future or go big and splurge on you big time. Either way, you have your way.

5. Make new memories

Just being through a breakup? Sure its okay to be sad but hey, don’t wallow for too long. The aim should be you getting over the hurtful memory and creating new fun ones.  Being single at this time would help you reflect on past mistakes and move on. Do things that would help boost your mood and yes, it’s allowed to be selfish, dump those painful memories and create new ones. Plus, don’t forget to pamper you.

Single and awesome!

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