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#2016Reflection: I achieved a lot of things this year!

#2016Reflection: I achieved a lot of things this year!


#2016Reflection: I achieved a lot of things this year!

Olanrewaju Ariyo, MC

2016 Reflection

I’m just really happy and grateful that this year is coming to an end. There were a lot of high and low points in this year. I achieved a lot of things this year. I got a lot of events. In fact I was busy almost every weekend! And I got paid in every event! I even got paid extra in some. I got an apartment, and a car and life is so good. The low points? I offended someone really dear to me and she did not talk to me throughout this year. We just started speaking some weeks ago and it was a huge relief to me because I missed her.

Plans for the New Year

Number one plan on the list is to make more money! It is really needed especially in this recession; hustle hard to move up to higher levels and excel in everything I do. I know that next year is going to be better than this year. Then I want to move a step further in my relationship with that lady. We are not getting any younger and I think we should make hay while the sun shines. So I have been thinking within myself that I want to take the next step with her. Then I want to try my hands on other things besides entertainment. Maybe real Estate or something like that.

Things that upset me about Nigeria in 2016

Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb. The things that are wrong with Nigeria are so many, only divine intervention can save this country. Our Legislators’ salaries are so heartbreaking! Despite the fact that some of them are pensioners collecting outrageous amounts of money, they are still collecting salaries and robbing the nation blind. And their salaries are not supposed to be more than minimum wage in Nigeria. All their allowances should be cut short. It’s called ‘Public Service’, not an avenue to make money.

Projection into the New Year

The New Year is going to be a beautiful one. It is going to be a year in which negative vibes will be discarded and positive vibes would be embraced. It’s also going to be a year with abundance of new things all through. A year of promise, fulfillment, and blessings. I am really excited about the New Year and I cannot wait for it to come in.

The people I owe the success of 2016 

I owe this year to God. He was with me all through the trying times, when I was broke; when I was losing it, when I was failing and when it looked as if everything was going downhill. I thank God for my mum every day and I pray for good health for her every day. This is because she has been so supportive of me, my art and my dreams. She is just the best!