5 Things Every Serious Couple Should Know About Each Other

5 Things Every Serious Couple Should Know About Each Other

Yvonne Williams

If you think just because you’ve found that person who gets you like no other, better still – your “soul mate”,  everything’s going to just fall into place while you fold your arms and do absolutely nothing, you might need a good doze of mental reawakening because lord knows it never works that way. In as much as the compatibility level is top notch and all, if your thinking going down the serious lane, you just got to know certain things; what makes them tick, how aligned are your philosophies…hop on as we take you through a glimpse of some serious stuff you should know as a couple;

1. Worldviews 

A person’s worldview encompasses a person’s ethics, morals, beliefs, philosophies…so if you’re thinking long term, you should be thinking similar philosophies in order to maintain easy flow in the relationship. Note, this doesn’t however mean you’ve got to have the exact same strong worldviews before you can be an “it couple”, it just means there should be some level of cohesion to avoid conflict/ incompatibility down the road.

2. Kids

So you want just three but as an only child who was often lonely and bored, your partner has sworn say five at least…or maybe you want children but that’s not just in the picture for your partner; conflict is bound to occur. If you and your partner are planning to spend the rest of your lives together, then this is a conversation you just must have so you can know whether or not to take it any further. And of course, medical obstacles which might hinder either of you from having kids must definitely be discussed. This would help prevent resentment which wouldn’t do your relationship any good. Talk it out, your fears shouldn’t hold you bound.

3. Goals

A relationship isn’t all about love, it’s about friendship, mutual support and encouragement. If you’re thinking of a future with this person, you both should know each other’s dreams, goals and ambition. This knowledge will help you determine whether or not a future with this person is what you want. Jobs that require lots of travelling might not be easy to digest for some folks and springing that whole baggage on them after it’s all sealed, might prove difficult to handle, which would no doubt affect the relationship.

4. Stress triggers 

While some folks are okay with being with their loved ones 24/7 others need more space to keep sanity, so they don’t feel choked. When dating,  you should know the things that stresses your partner out so you can help out when those difficult moments come. Stress can put a huge dent even in a healthy relationship if the ability to detect and prevent or ease the burden is nonexistent, leading to unnecessary arguments.

5. Communication

A key to very healthy relationship is communication. Serious couples who have been together for a while should be able to detect verbal and non verbal cues; tone of voice, disposition … these signals are very important. However spilling it out orally is very important, you should be able to let your partner know when you’re hurt, angry or even worried. An open line of communication would do your relationship a lot of good, plus, it would help you survive those tough moments when they come.

In essence, thinking long term is really serious business,  you can’t afford to embark on that journey with levity.


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