#2017Predictions: Nigerians share their predictions for 2017

#2017Predictions: Nigerians share their predictions for 2017


The prospect of a new year always brings with it a lot of excitement and anticipation, and it’s not uncommon to have many Nigerians make new year resolutions which they try very hard to keep.

The year 2016 hasn’t been the easiest for Nigerians; security issues, political unrest, corrupt practises and the recessed economy, so we decided to make a detour and asked Nigerians their predictions on what will happen in the country come 2017.

Take a look at some responses below and let us know what your 2017 prediction is:

Correspondence by Kikelomo Onigbanjo 

Bankole Taiwo, Estate Agent

“2017… my predictions are: The sun will shine again, rains will fall around April and the weather would be cool. A lot of children would be born and a lot of people would die. A lot of churches and mosques would spring up. Boko Haram would bomb places, the president would still be clueless, politicians would steal money, corruption would be the order of the day, food would still be expensive and minimum wage would still be the same. Basically, nothing is going to change at all…”

Mosunmola Edu, Auditor

“I do not have any prediction for the New Year. I am just hoping for the best in this country. I am happy for one thing in Nigeria though; despite the recession, the hunger, the insecurity, the pain and suffering, Nigerians are still counted as one of the happiest people on earth. We are strong people in this country and we deserve the best despite all odds. I think the new year is a sign of hope that everything would be fine. I am really looking forward to it.”

Taiwo Shittu, Dentist

“I’m always going to stick with the approach that aims to rid Nigeria of corruption… In summary, I believe 2017 will be better even if all factors are against that belief. This is because there seems to be no hope for the people. The Government does not have any plan for us and we are trying to survive with the little they throw our way. It is sickening, but what can one do? One can only hope and pray for the best in the new year.”

Gbenga Bankole, Musician

“I predict that this country would remain the same. It’s going to be the same old story. Nothing is going to change. There would still be hunger in the land, recession would still be present, foreign exchange would still be expensive, our leaders would still be blind, deaf and dumb to our plight, there would still not be electricity, good roads, potable water, good education nor good transport system. The Chibok girls would still be missing, and there would still be terrorism.”

Chika Ebubechukwu, Lawyer  

“Basically, the economic state would be worse than now. From what I can deduce around me. It doesn’t look like it would be better at all. Salary and wages are going to be the same if not reduced and there is going to be inflation on essential everyday commodities. H

ow then are we going to balance the gap? People would still pinch from their savings to make ends meet. There would still be inflation and the budget would go missing again.”

Olusola Kayode, Doctor 

“I really hope that things would get better in this country in the new year. Everything is a blur. Recession is biting hard. I can’t even predict because I may be in for a rude surprise! But I hope that things would be better than it used to be. One can only hope.”

Samuel Oke, Student

“I am not expecting much. The system is really messed up. I believe everything will still be the same. So many things are wrong and I don’t see us putting it right soon. It would take divine intervention before everything can be better in this country. Nothing is going to change. Food is still going to be expensive, the masses would still be heavily taxed with nothing to show and the leaders would still rob the nation blind.”

Dolapo Adeleke, Chartered Secretary 
“I am happy this year is coming to an end. It was chaotic, and that is putting it mildly. People lost a lot of loved ones, lives and properties, as in nothing really worked this year. Nigeria reached the ‘lowest of the low’. However, I predict that the new year is going to be a year where everything broken, lost or missing is going to be restored. I think the new year is a sign of hope in this country.”

Gloria Okonkwo, Events Planner

“Looking at the situation of things and the budget the President read out for 2017, we may say that the situation of the country would get better on d surface, but looking within at the economy and even the standard of living in general, one would say that it would surely get worse, even worse than this before it gets better, considering the recession. And the budget may be padded again, or the corrupt officials we have in the country may use it for their own gain and not for the masses.”

Ekundayo Sunday, Banker

“The situation in this country is depressing. It looks as if it is going to go worse next year. This government is a capitalist one where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. There is no in-between. I don’t even know if there is a collective thing called Nigeria. Everybody is thinking for themselves only. No synergy or unity. Despite this general hopelessness, I predict that there is going to be hope for the people. The people would become more united and life would be a bit easier for the people. I think?”

Olanike Alade, Lawyer

“I have a feeling that Nigeria is going to remain like this for the better part of the year; nothing is going to change. When we almost get to the end of the year, everything would then take a dramatic turn around and people would be surprised at the change. I believe that the government is making plans to end our suffering in this country and they would execute their plans towards the end of next year.”

Segun Amodu, Web Designer

“I don’t even know what to say… the situation is a crazy one. I can’t predict something and another thing would happen. I may say now that the price of fuel will go down next year, and it may go up. I may say that food would become cheaper now and it would become more expensive. You know, it’s really confusing. We cannot even predict what would happen to us as a country again in the next year. It’s sad…”

Demilade ‘Tade, Businesswoman

“That is a deep one… I would say that with our present leaders, there is really no future for this country. I just hope that things don’t get worse in this country, because day in, day out, it’s tales of woes from all angles or corners. It looks like there is nothing to look forward to. I am really tired. I won’t predict anything; I don’t want to sound pessimistic.”

Abudu Wemi, Barber

“I predict that we would have 24 hours light by the middle of 2017. That is the only thing I want by the middle of next year. I believe these things should be picked one after the other. To me, I believe that electricity should be given a priority. When they fix the light, we would see that every other thing would fall in place. Therefore I predict that by June next year, there would be light.”

Labake Adenuga, Sales Girl  

“I don’t even know what to say… all I know is that the country needs God’s hand. I don’t know where to start my predictions from. All I know is that everything is going to remain the same. One can only hope and pray for the betterment of our lots. And I hope that the government would give more priority to education next year.”

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