Tired Of Hating On You? Body Image Resolutions You Should Actually Make In 2017!

Tired Of Hating On You? Body Image Resolutions You Should Actually Make In 2017!

Yvonne Williams

Thick thighs, bulging tummy…let’s face it, being splashed with almost perfect bodies of the Kardashians ( not forgetting Hollywood celebs) and looking yourself in the mirror wholeheartedly declaring nothing but self-love without battling body image issues might be a tad unrealistic. No, you don’t get to feel fabulous about your body every freaking day and yes, some days leave you feeling more confident. Some other days, not so much. However, in order to overcome some of our deepest body image insecurities, these little things can help us feel better about ourselves this new year.

1. Stop Assuming That Everybody’s Body Is Great While Yours Isn’t

No one’s perfect! Simply no one, even those gorgeous celebs and that’s the honest to god truth. The difference however is acceptance of self; while you’re there locked up in insecurity and condemning you for having that apple shape, others are embracing themselves, accentuating their best assets and working it. Love and accept you and you’ll be surprised how amazing you can look. Yes you!

2. Emphasize Features You Love

Thing is, those features you aren’t really in love with, that’s part of you, so they’ll always be there. But that shouldn’t make you feel any less awesome because you’ve also got some great features you could work with; maybe your legs aren’t your best features, but hey, you’ve got hot killer curves so work it them curves! Whatever your best feature is, maximise and show off!

3. Don’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

While it’s great that you want to keep your weight in check, being overly conscious isn’t. This is self destructive. You shouldn’t yearn to climb the scales every minute. Your weight is likely to fluctuate so adding a few pounds shouldn’t swing you into depression mode. Relax!

4. Remember: Not Everything Is What It Seems

Come on stop being moved by what you see; celebs may be hot but sometimes they retouch the hell out of their pictures to make them look flawless! How many times do we have Photoshop gurus calling out the likes of Beyonce, Nicki and the rest. Trash the negative comparison, it’s totally not worth it.

5. Have Realistic Goals

One thing you’ve got to remember when trying to lose weight – it doesn’t automatically happen over night! Stop fantasizing about gulping down all those magical laxatives and tons of green teas being advertised every single minute. Lose weight the healthy traditional way; eat lots of veggies, drink lots of water, hit the gym and remember to take it slow. Don’t push yourself over the limit.

6. Unfollow Accounts That Make You Feel Bad

Yeah, yeah don’t roll your eyeballs and laugh it off, it’s important. If you find yourself feeling insecure and comparing yourself with celebs whose perfect body seems to be giving you lots of headache, limit the torture. Control what appears on your feed, this would help more than you know.

All in all, embrace you; perfection, insecurities and all.

Stay Fabulous in 2017!

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