Must Dos For Every Mum in 2017… And Yes, More Sex!

Must Dos For Every Mum in 2017… And Yes, More Sex!

Yvonne Williams

Being a mum might be all shades of awesome, but it definitely comes with loads of responsibility too, especially doubling as a wife and mother. It’s funny how your whole life just seems to change once you little tot shows up; priority scale changes and everyone else seems to take the lead while you “try to fix yourself into the equation” somehow! Well, it’s a new year and if you want to lead a happy life in 2017, we’ve got some tips for you. 4 Must dos for every mum in 2017;

1. Create more “Me” time

Yes you love your family and absolutely love taking care of them and would miss them like crazy, no doubt about it, but how about we tell you taking a break from time to time just to relax and breathe makes you an even better mum. Whether it’s going to the cinemas, the beach or even a simple timeout at home, grab it and enjoy because you deserve it.

 2. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

As a new mum this can be quite challenging because you’re nursing a newborn who would likely wake up every hour at night, but you’ve just got to. Remember that at this point your baby needs you so you’ve got to try and grab as much rest as possible; don’t overdo the superhero thing. Pamper thyself!

3. Have more sex 

Okay, with all the stress of being a mum and wife, taking care of everyone else, sex might just be the last thing on your mind, that’s understandable. But you’ve got to flip the coin consciously, don’t let the pressure take a toll on your sex life, it’s bad for you and your significant other. Thrown in more fun, up your romance game in 2017 and enjoy each other. Every man loves a freak in the sheets. Never forget. Get your groove on.

4. Patience is key

With your kid – Patience! Your husband – patience! Yourself – Patience! This makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Dealing with kids requires a lot of patience; teaching and correcting, don’t get frustrated when trying to correct them, learn to be more understanding and keep your anger in check. Sometimes your hubby would annoy the hell out of you that you feel like ripping his head off, don’t give in, control! And as for you, don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re bound to make mistakes, but forgive you and remember it’s all part of growth. This would create a much more rewarding motherhood except experience for you.

Take charge of your 2017!

Good luck!!


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