Want To Know What Real Men Keep Private?

Want To Know What Real Men Keep Private?

Yvonne Williams

Although it’s great to be social, seat, have a great conversation and talk about basically everything with your pals, certain things should never be discussed. In essence, somethings are meant to be personal, not be be heard by another, you and only you within the four corners of your heart. Three things you should keep secret;

1. How much money you make

This should be 100% your business! Forget bragging to your friends or talking about how much you’re making. Yes, it’s great you make money and are able to sort things out, but fact is, no one needs to know how much or how little you earn. No one should be know the exact amount in your back account. Bragging and spilling your account details isn’t manly. It creates disrespect and envy. Not worth the stress.

2. Sex life

Pl…ease no one cares to know! Your sex life is your business; friends, family ..no one! Save it! Manly man? No one should know details about the woman you’re sleeping with. These things should stay between you and her, period. Respect and privacy is key in every healthy relationship. Don’t be that man who brags about his sex life. It’s beneath you.

3. Your next move

Your next step, no one should know. Whether in your career, business or your dating life, your next move should be kept to yourself. Unless you’re in connection with someone who’s helping you to get the business done, you shouldn’t bother keeping people in the know. You should only talk about your next move once it’s accomplished. Only talk about things after you’ve accomplished them. Results, how you achieved something is much more interesting to talk about than the actual process. People shouldn’t know your next move.

In essence, real men keep it locked! Reason? It shapens how people perceive you.

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