Going crazy managing your business/family? Don’t sweat it!

Going crazy managing your business/family? Don’t sweat it!

Yvonne Williams

Maybe you’re pride yourself on being pretty disciplined and all; you know, a go-getter who gives her all and stops at nothing to achieve her dreams… but somehow along the line, although you’re still that independent minded mum who runs her world from her home, kids and family have come into the equation “seemingly disrupting your flow.” Between you and I, it’s getting rather scary; you’ve sort of gotten to that point where you’re doubting that definition of yourself you held so strongly, don’t sweat it, there’s hope!

While juggling a business with children might be quite tasking, the great news is, it’s entirely doable, with discipline, focus, and drive you can run your business to success while being a parent. Doubt it? It’s 2017 and we’ve got some tips to help make that journey a whole lot easier. Take a look;

1. Communicating Effectively

No matter how organised you are, hitches are bound to pop up which would no doubt affect your relations with family, so what do you do? Don’t lock yourself up dwelling in the pressure, share. Let your family know you’re going through a tough time right now in the business world. Yes they won’t get it a 100%, but at least they understand right now you’re going through a tough time and know how to be around you. That way the bond is maintained in the home.

2. Love what you do

Now this is ve..ry important! You just have to. This would help keep the fire burning when pressure mounts. Yes there would be awesome moments; you’ll cry for joy superseding your expectations, but there’ll also be moments when nothing just seems to work. What makes you stick like glue in the midst of it all? Not money (Yes we all love cash) but more than that, PASSION – your golden tool. Hold it dear.

3. Focus on attention – Not time

Yes you will get distracted; you get to comfort that crying little baby, get to heat the burner and get meal prepared, yet, your business is still staring right at you in the face. What to do? Focus! Focus! Focus!  Try and learn to live in the moment, this makes you a much more productive person and a high performer. Ability to live in the moment helps develop clarity and a sense of purpose.

4. Balance is key

You’re no super human but you’ve got to learn how to balance being a mum, wife and an enterprenuer, because you can! Being enveloped in work mode can be pretty overwhelming; research, meetings… but you need to learn to create time for family so they don’t suffer. During family time, family should take priority; no laptops, nothing. Focus and enjoy it. However, if it is rather too big a sacrifice, you could bring them in so they understand your world. Flexibility comes in real handy.

5. Remember; Happiness brings success

Who says success brings happiness? Reality check – It doesn’t so why being downcast over nothing anyway? Don’t worry about a thing, just be happy. Don’t fill yourself with negativity , although things might not meet your expectations every time you don’t have to take it heart. Be positive, believe in you and give your all.

Always remember – Yes you can! Dream it, achieve it!

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