Lessons Every Wise Mother Teaches Her Son!

Lessons Every Wise Mother Teaches Her Son!

Yvonne Williams

Raising a son ain’t pretty business; It’s messy, draining, yet in all, a beautiful experience! Every mum hopes her boy grows to be a responsible and outstanding individual who would someday make wonderful husbands and fathers. However fact is, they don’t just simply “become”, as a mum, you’ve got a sensitive and important role to play in moulding your boy to become the man you want him to be. So it’s time to get busy. 8 things every mum should teach her son;

1. Every manly man is respectful towards women

No it’s not okay to treat women like trash, it doesn’t make you look super cool, it makes you look like an insecure cow desperate for attention.  The definition of a real man is one who is chivalrous and respectful towards women. This isn’t an act, you know, that cloak of deception which sort of appears just to get favours from women then fades once it’s over,  instilling this habit in your boy would help your son become a worthy gentlemen in future.

2. Take care of and clean up after yourself

No it’s not a “woman’s” place to clean up, sweating her lungs out doing every single chore in the home while you simply stretch your legs, give her a pat in the back and when the cold night comes, demand your “marital right!” No, it is not beneath you to take care of yourself! It is not something akin to shame for you to light the damn stove and cook yourself a real good meal. Women aren’t slaves who landed planet earth with the soul purpose of seeing to your every need.  Teach them to treat women with respect and pick up after themselves, your daughter-in-law would owe you plenty!

3. Never let a girl come between you and your best friend

Yes, yes, love might be a beautiful thing, but common, how many of us can ended up with partners we first dated? Exactly! As young boys, they must understand that girls come and go but besties are for life and would always be needed. Friendships shouldn’t be traded simply because “you can’t help who you fall in love with”, friends are like family who’ve got your back for life. In raising your boy, never downplay the importance of friendship.

4. If someone tries to change you, they do not deserve your time or effort

Always stay true to you and never try to change who you are for anyone, not your girlfriend, not your buddies! If someone truly likes you, they should take you for who you are and not try to change you into something else. That said, it doesn’t mean that if something needs to be worked on in your character you shouldn’t make efforts to improve, in this scenario we’re talking changing your very essence, this shouldn’t be debatable if you want to be truly happy.

5. Get your confidence game on and never let go

Regardless of how you feel, always remember you’re your own cheerleader, be bold and believe in you because no one else will. Fact is, in this world we live in, impressions matter a whole lot; walk tall, shoulders high, look people eyeball to eyeball and offer a firm handshake. Mannerisms go a long way to portray you even before you speak a word, it’s important in earning respect and being perceived in a positive light by people in general.

6. It is OK not to be strong ALL the time

Hard times are called hard times because they’re hard; moments will come when comfort and relive is all you yearn for…but as men society says you need to man up and bottle your fears and emotions, don’t! You’re human and it’s okay to want a shoulder to lean on, to break down when you feel overwhelmed, to cry….You don’t have to be strong every time, this would make him a rounded individual capable of being himself. Embrace challenges and move on,

 7. Walking away from doing something wrong is not being a coward

Times would come when you get to choose between good judgement and following the crowd, don’t lose focus on what’s right and what you believe. Being a man is being able to stand your ground regardless of the pressure. Yeah you may get laughed at scorned or ridiculed but what does it matter anyway, true friends would protect you and stand by you, not make you feel like garbage.

8. Never kiss and tell. Period

Take this very seriously; no one cares about your personal/ intimate business; how many ladies you’ve slept with, breakup drama… keep those things were they belong – save in your memory. Bragging about sensitive info is very unmanly and disrespectful. Never ever kiss and tell. This makes you more mature.

As we wrap it all off, mothers remember – “The first relationship your son would ever have is with you”

Hold that dear!

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