#TodayInHistory: Major General Aguiyi Ironsi Becomes First Military Head of State

Yvonne Williams

A look at the highlights this day January 16;

1966 – After the coup of January 14, 1966, Aguiyi-Ironsi became the military head of state. However, On July 29, 1966, there was a counter coup that led to the eventual death of Aguiyi-Ironsi, as his body and that of Adekunle Fajuyi, the then military governor of Western Nigeria were later discovered in a forest.

1997 – Bill Cosby’s only son, Ennis, was shot to death in Los Angeles during an apparent roadside robbery attempt. (Mikhail Markhasev was later convicted of Ennis Cosby’s killing, and sentenced to life in prison.)

2007 – Then Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., launched his successful bid for the White House.

1970 – Four months after leading a coup against monarchy, Muammar Gaddafi takes over rule of Libya.

2006 –  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is sworn in as Liberia’s new president. She becomes Africa’s first female elected head of state.

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