Want More Happiness? Dump that perfectionist attitude asap!

Want More Happiness? Dump that perfectionist attitude asap!

Yvonne Williams

Don’t get things twisted, in as much as you love being a perfectionist; painstakingly paying attention to the minutest of details, you know, priding yourself with the fact that you strive to deliver excellence in basically EVERYTHING you do and all, being a perfectionist might just be putting a dampener on your happiness. No exaggeration intended but it’s actually true! How? Think of it this way; you’re human not some robot who can’t make mistakes, so mistakes are bound to happen anyway regardless of how hard you try, but believing anything other than perfection is a complete failure? That’s major damage to your self worth and happiness. Point to take home – while aiming for higher standards is a great thing, measuring progress in terms of perfection isn’t.

Here’s how you can let go of perfectionism;

Enjoy more, worry less

Always scrutinizing every thought/ project instead of launching right ahead which somehow you don’t understand but this has cost you many opportunities? One thing you’ve got to learn – Embracing mistakes! This would help you in your journey towards achievement. While the temptation of self criticism might seem rather rational at that point of “failure”, know that it only makes matters worse. Learn to revel in your achievements, learn from your mistakes and move on.

Know that you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy

Sometimes we beat ourselves up over mistakes and sadly, we get to the point when we no longer feel worthy or deserving of love and forgiveness in our own eyes, this shouldn’t be. Our love for ourselves should be unconditional regardless of how imperfect we might think we are, flaws  and all. Your sense of self worth shouldn’t be hinged on perfection, let this be embedded in your every thought and pursuit, it would go a long way in maintaining your happiness come rain, come shine.

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Strive for excellence, rather than perfection

Once again, the fact that you’re just human comes to play here; no one can achieve perfection for a 24/7 period duration. The scales just can’t be balanced every single time; for some, perfection happens more frequently than others, however excellence should be your measuring stick for success as it helps you put quality in your every project. Achievers  strive for excellence, this unlike perfection can be maintained throughout your life.

Remember some things in life can be excellent without being perfect

Who says you’ve got to have a perfect body to have a fabulous body? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, this, every confident person knows. Kim Kardashian might look perfect to someone while to another, she’s got too much curves going on! Beauty is subjective. Same goes for your family and relationships, each individual is different in character and that diversity is what makes the world interesting, I mean come to think of it; how boring would the world be if we only had introverts and basically serious minded individuals? Extroverts add colour and spark everywhere they turn… and that’s just the way it is.

There you have it, four golden rules every perfectionist needs to know.

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