#SpeedDating: Easy Breezy Ways To Wow On A First Date!

#SpeedDating: Easy Breezy Ways To Wow On A First Date!

Yvonne Williams

Scaling mountains, crossing oceans and emptying bank accounts! I smell VALENTINE! Flowers… chocolates…precious diamonds melting romantic hearts at your every turn – yup, that’s Valentine alright. With Valentine around the corner, you can bet your hearts out there’ll be lots of loved up couple shunning  the world and displaying major PDA, so just where in the equation does that leave lonely hearts?? Well don’t be one! Put that head up and get in the game. It’s a big world and lord knows they’re lots of prospective partners out there but hey, before we talk taking things further to the second, third and many other dates, you’ve got to handle your first date real smooth. Why? First impression is one hell of a big deal and you can take that to the bank too.

So let’s see, you’ve got say 5 minutes to really impress your date, pretty nerve-wrecking right? Doesn’t have to be, as long as you ditch the garlic/ gross habits, smell really good (not dousing the world of perfume, though – over doing it is a huge NO) and pay attention to these few handy tips, you’ll be singing that love song all the way! Four tips;

Look good

Forget that old story of you being yourself and your so called future partner loving and accepting you for you; if you need to your appearance needs some boosting , you sure as hell need to embark on that journey if you really want  to make a good first impression. Dressing well  is major! You may not be fashionable, but make effort at least. It’s the first thing your date or anyone notices for that matter. Sell thyself.

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Now this is no exaggeration, having the right body language is very important. How you carry yourself and act presents you way before you even speak. Body language is an important part of communication so you need to put it in check; your posture, eye contact, the way you walk, sit, talk and gesticulate; careful, pay attention to these details. Be confident and let your date feel comfortable  hanging out with you, not embarrassed.

Broaden your horizon

For God sake, don’t get on your first date looking all dumb and clueless, stammering through conversations for want of something to say, harmony is important so you need to broaden your interest and knowledge base, don’t bore your date with boring stuff you like, throw in a surprise every now and then from a range of topics, engage your date and make them want more. Conversation = Chemistry and that’s the honest to god truth.

Talk like you’re talking to a friend 

Yes I know you’ve heard it countless times – “Be Polite…Ladies love gentlemen…”, cool, but don’t overdo it. While it’s great to be polite, don’t be polite to a fault that you become perceived as boring, that’s definitely not a good impression. It’s a date for God sake, not a job interview; bring out your spark, excite her, be funny! Dates with chemistry usually go deeper, not the ones where you end up boring your date out of their minds. Let it play out like you’re taking to a friend.

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Remember, first impression is everything!

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