#TodayInHistory: Avatar becomes highest grossing film in the U.S.

#TodayInHistory: Avatar becomes highest grossing film in the U.S.

Yvonne Williams

A look at the highlights this day February 3;

1690 – The first paper money in America was issued by the Massachusetts colony.

1815 – The world’s first commercial cheese factory was established in Switzerland.

1919 – League of Nations: The first meeting of the League of Nations was held on this day. President Woodrow Wilson was head of this committee. The purpose of this committee was to promote international security as well as world peace. This organization was later replaced by the present-day United Nations (UN).

Carrot Cake Day – Carrot cake considered healthier than your average sugary cake. This delicious delight is full of fiber and packed with health-promoting beta carotene, that promote good vision. Enjoy a chunk of carrot cake with friends and family today.

2010 – Avatar Becomes Highest Grossing Film in the U.S. The box office movie success Avatar becomes the highest grossing film in the U.S. and Canada and surpasses 2 billion dollars mark in worldwide sales.

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