#TodayInHistory: Celebrate life; It’s World Party Day!

#TodayInHistory: Celebrate life; It’s World Party Day!

Yvonne Williams

A look at the highlights this day April 3;

1860 – U.S.A. – Pony Express Service Starts.  The Pony Express a new faster mail service using riders on a horseback relay instead of the traditional stagecoaches begins service between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif. The Pony Express reduced the time for mail to travel from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to around ten days.

2010 – United States – Apple Releases Ipad.  Apple has released the much publised Ipad a tablet computer, the Ipad sold 3 million units in the first 3 months,

2011 – United States – Oscar Winning Spanish Actress Penelope Cruz Gets Star on Walk of Fame

World Party Day –  Life comes with a baggage of problems; hunger, war… Celebrate life, harmony and every thing good and optimistic. Cheers to a more desirable world and beautiful reality.

1942 – Foremost Nigerian Juju muiscian Evangelist Ebenezer Obey is born. He is credited for having over a 100 albums and
2 platinum. He formed his band in 1964. He is presently the general overseer of the cross gospel mission in Nigeria. He turns 75 today. Happy Birthday Sir!

There you have it, notable happenings on this day in history.

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