#TodayInHistory: Celebrate your siblings; It’s National Siblings Day

#TodayInHistory: Celebrate your siblings; It’s National Siblings Day

Yvonne Williams

A trip down memory lane this day April 10;

1887 –  President Abraham Lincoln’s re-buried with his wife in Springfield, Ilinois

1970 –  Paul McCartney officially announces the split of The Beatles

1930 – The first synthetic rubber was produced.

2014 – Child Bride Wasila Tasi’u, poisons husband and three friends in Kano, Nigeria just two weeks after their wedding. She was arrested but later freed. The fourteen year old child bride confessed to killing her thirty-five year old husband who she was forced to marry. She had said that she put rat poison in his food, another three people died as a result and ten others were hospitalized.

National Siblings Day –  Siblings may be annoying but hey, we can’t just do without them. The holiday is aimed at honouring and celebrating the bond and relationship between siblings. The holiday is recognized annually in some parts of the United States

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