Now Open: To All Hungry Lagosians

Now Open: To All Hungry Lagosians


With food business, when you get it right, you may never starve ever again, figuratively and literally.
So The Place launched a new outlet at Alfred Rewane, Ikoyi. If you’ve been to The Place or Mega Chicken, you’d realize that it’s ok to build a house without a kitchen.
It used to be that restaurants exist, to save bachelors from starvation. In 2017, however, restaurants – especially ones that spread their meals like roses on waterbed – save everyone, even housewives.
What better way to get your attention, all you hungry Lagosians, than to have that walking billboard stop you on your tracks to remind you of that important activity called Lunch!
Food is all the romance we need around here, check your Nollywood movies. Don’t they always end up at a restaurant, eating away their future together, proclaiming one kain love?
Here’s to many lavish ways we can fill our stomachs.
Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme
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