War for the Planet of the Apes: Don’t Call it a Private Screening When it is just a Sneak Peak

War for the Planet of the Apes: Don’t Call it a Private Screening When it is just a Sneak Peak

Itohan Ferguson

As a movie buff extraordinaire, I had no intentions of missing out on a chance to watch the latest installment in ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’, on Friday. Even the downpour and the usual Friday traffic leaves me undeterred, as I rush to IMAX Filmhouse Cinemas Lekki for an exclusive screening of the movie. It was to be shown for the first time in Nigeria and nothing would stop me being one of the lucky few to watch the movie. The bragging rights the movie would give me made my head swell in anticipation.

I arrived at IMAX Filmhouse Cinemas, Lekki, a little bedraggled and out of breath, because I was running a little late. Imagine my surprise and relief when I was told the private screening had not yet begun, so I had missed nothing.

Slowly the minutes crawled by and my relief turned to dismay, as the event hadn’t started two hours later.

We were offered mild refreshments and this did nothing to allay my rising impatience.

Finally it was time, we were ushered into the screen, I was giddy with expectation.

First scene of the movie and the poor picture quality hits me like a brick to the face. It reminds me of the pirated copies hawked by CD sellers on the street. Don’t let me get started on the audio quality – it was indeed appalling, and a thought resonated through my mind, ” Is this what I waited 2 hours for?”, “Since when did IMAX Filmhouse Cinemas begin to show poor quality movies?”.

I swallow my dissatisfaction and settle in for my movie. The scene opens with human soldiers, invading the jungle, to stomp out the Ape rebels. In the violent encounter, sixty-three apes are killed, before soldiers from the Ape side mounts a defense that kills almost all the human soldiers, save for a few survivors and a handful of treasonous Apes who used to work for the villainous Ape Koba in a previous installment. Apparently they had switched loyalties to the human side after Koba is killed and they fear what Ceasar would do to them.

We are introduced to the ever logical Ceasar, the leader of the Ape rebellion and he shows the human survivors mercy as a message to their leader, for a peaceful co existence between the human race and that of the Apes.

I had begun to enjoy the movie, despite its poor picture and audio quality and just like that, ‘The End’, It isn’t an exclusive screening as we were led to believe, it is a sneak peak and not the movie proper.

As I take my disgruntled self out the screen, one thought popped my head: “I should have taken an extra spring roll” and that may have been cold comfort for my disappointment.

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