Corn and Pear: A Favorite Street Delicacy

Corn and Pear: A Favorite Street Delicacy

Yusuf Busari

It’s no news that the rain is here and it has brought with it a season full of corn and pear popularly known as ‘ube’. 

This delicacy is enjoyed by all and sundry, irrespective of socio-economic status. The corn are usually in two kinds; the white or yellow type but the more popular one being sold by women in different parts of the country by the roadside is the yellow corn. This delicacy can either be eaten in its raw, cooked or roasted form either as a full meal or snack.

Most people prefer eating their corn without its purple companion(pear), rather opting for the tropical taste of coconut with their corn.

While purchasing this delicacy from the  maize ‘cafe’, I noticed that the patronage never dropped as people kept going and coming. While some stayed back to munch as many cobs as possible, some bought theirs to be consumed either on their way to their destinations or at their destination while others stayed inside their cars eating with relish before continuing on their journey.

When next you see a gathering of well dressed civil servants emerging from their state of the art cars and mingling with ordinary people over a make-shift grill or big pot, do not fret, they are simply obeying the clarion call of the season’s delicacy.

Photos by Elliot Ovadje and Busari Yusuf

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