Skidodo: Where Comedy Finds its Niche

Skidodo: Where Comedy Finds its Niche


Chukwudi Agbakuru and Patrick Oche, founders of Skidodo, the site for people who want to enjoy comedy skits, in partnership with Happenings Media, have unveiled plans to get comedy creators onboard the platform where they can upload their videos.

With a unique video player and a wide array of comedy skits, the platform has the means to cater to as many people as possible and will thus give individuals across the country the opportunity to directly upload their comedy skit without having to upload it first on YouTube.

Patrick Oche

“Skidodo provides convenient content distribution to content owners,” Oche, an application developer with a keen mind for entrepreneurship, stated. “The platform also serves as a comedy skit video portal to consumers. Skidodo brings your newly uploaded comedy skit content before millions of viewers instantly.”

Explaining the motivation behind the creation of the comedy skit platform, Oche noted, “I discovered that at the close of work at the office, everybody usually goes searching for funny videos on the Internet. I decided to do something like a stop shop where you find all kinds of funny videos.”

The demand for comedy skits, he added, was also a motivating factor for creating the platform. He affirmed, “There is a sharp rising demand for short comedy videos on the internet. Skidodo has created a platform to organize it, provide it to users in a more appealing way thereby gathering a user base that comedy skit producers will speedily bring their content to.”

The software developer, who hopes to take the platform to the level of being mainstream with his partner, also explained that the whole idea of the brand is to make people laugh even when they are having a bad day.

 The founders are committed to making Skidodo the go-to platform for users to unwind and loosen up.


“The ultimate benefit of Skidodo is that it provides a platform for its users to relax,” said Oche, “and also serves as a convenient publicity medium to comedy skit producers and an avenue to monetize their content. Knowing that tens of millions of users are eagerly waiting for new shoot on daily basis, this would in turn cause a market for Skidodo.”

Creating original content is another major objective of Skidodo, as Oche revealed thus, “We actually thought we could set up our own production team, where we could shoot and put up our own comedy skit. We started something, shot a couple of videos that were directed by Charles of Iroko TV.”

This, however, had to be discontinued for reasons Agbakuru, a software developer with Axon Analytics Limited, explained thus, “Setting up production started taking us away from the objective of the Skidodo platform which is building a comedy distribution platform. We had to kill the production by focusing on creating the comedy distribution network.”

The plan is to return to creating original content, as Agbakuru added, “We hope to go back to creating our own content and hopefully partner with some other tech giants in future.”

Chukwudi Agbakuru

Adopted from Oche’s brother’s nickname, Skido, Skidodo, which currently houses over a hundred comedy skits from known comedians, will soon become a household name in Nigeria for all lovers of comedy.

“Skidodo has seen that the comedy skit market is gaining more momentum,” Oche said, “as new talented artistes are creating their content more easily than before due to recent innovation of technology in all fronts of video content production, and viewership is tripling by the day. This development has vehemently re-established the comedy skit industry. We have carefully foreseen that a technology whose goal is to distribute this content is needed urgently to stabilize the growth we are experiencing. Skidodo is developed to solve this, to serve as comedy skit distribution technology.”

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