10 Questions With Serial Entrepreneur, Eniola Adeniji

10 Questions With Serial Entrepreneur, Eniola Adeniji

Yusuf Busari

Some entrepreneurs like to be focused on a single business, dedicating energy and resources into its realization and sustenance. For Eniola Mabel Adeniji, there appears to be no restriction in the way she puts her finger in the entrepreneurial pie. From being a blogger, social media manager, chef, and fashion designer, Eniola Adeniji neatly ties all these endeavours with a nice ribbon. We caught up with Eniola Mabel Adeniji and she shared with us a few business tips.

What is the most important quality a serial entrepreneur should possess? 

I believe the most important quality a serial entrepreneur should possess is ‘determination’.

How financially rewarding is it to have your money dipped in many businesses?

Investment without being properly informed us sheer foolishness, so the true reward of having your money in several business comes from being fully aware of those businesses.

As a chef, what stands you out in a saturated market?

I love and can stand the taste of my food (chuckles).

You are also a fashion designer, do you actually sew or sketch?

I sew and I sketch.

Have you been able to sustain the same level of success for all your business?

Ah, sustain the same level of success for all of my businesses? That sounds more like a prayer, so let me say Amen. There isn’t really anything like that, one business is up today and it’s down tomorrow while another takes its place, you just learn over time to stay afloat and thrive regardless.

How frustrating is Nigeria’s lack of structure of facilities for business?

VERY FRUSTRATING. It means as an entrepreneur in this part of the world, you work 100 times harder.

What advice would you have for young businesses in Nigeria?

Start for the right reasons (Value driven), do not start a business being money/self driven, you’d be out of business in no time. And never forget those true reasons, because they will be the one thing that will keep you going for a very long time

What do we get wrong trying to grow a business in a country like Nigeria?

Often times it’s 4 things:
Firstly, most businesses begin because someone is bored at work, hates their boss and seek to be their own boss, or just either couldn’t get a job or retain a job. Secondly, assumptions: A lot of businesses begin by assuming they know what the people need without doing proper research and feasibility studies. They read foreign books and try to mimic those things here and they end up shocked. Thirdly, a lot of businesses begin with people without any business plan nor direction. They just woke up one day and started and lastly, a lot of businesses lack business skills required to run a business in this part of the world.

Do you get investors for businesses? How much of trust is required to build businesses?

Yes, I get investors often. Contrary to what a lot of people believe about lack of investors here. There are investors, they just aren’t willing to put their money in uncertainties.

What’s your business mantra?

I’d rather be tired, than broke.

Eniola Adeniji is one of the panelists at the Happenings SME Anatomy holding on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at Colonades Hotel, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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