How To Make Delicious Yamarita

How To Make Delicious Yamarita


Ilori Titilayo

Yamarita is a meal many enjoy so much, it was made popular by growing fast food companies in Nigeria.

Yamarita is very easy to prepare and delicious to eat

Yamarita recipe :

* Tuber of yam

*  Eggs

* Groundnut oil

* Flour

* Sugar/ honey optional

* Seasoning

* Salt to taste

Step 1:

1.Peel and slice the yam, slice in the form you see in this picture

2.Rinse and pour into a pot

3. Add salt to taste, water and add sugar (optional)

4. Boil yam till it is tender

5. Pour boiled yam into a sieve to drain excess water

Step 2:

1.Break a reasonable number of eggs in a bowl big enough for your cooked yam

2. Add salt and seasoning to the egg and beat till fluffy

3. Add flour to the egg mixture, and spread it on each slice

4. Don’t add a lot of flour, we don’t need a very thick mixture

5.2 level tablespoon for five big eggs should be okay.

Pick each boiled yam, dip in honey( it is optional), soak into egg mixture, bring it out and fry( ensure your groundnut oil is hot enough to fry)

Turn all sides and ensure you don’t end up with a burnt piece (remember eggs fry fast in hot oil).

Remove it when it turns golden yellow not brown

Serve with stew, pepper sauce or ketchup and enjoy

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