Side Effects Of Excessively Drinking Lemon Juice

Side Effects Of Excessively Drinking Lemon Juice


Ilori Titilayo

Drinking a glass of lemon is good for the body, it has more benefits than side effects. Lemon water can cut down calories and it replenishes the needs of Vitamin C and fiber in the body.

Side effects are experienced only when it is taken in excess, you must drink it moderately. Here are side effects of drinking lemon water in excess.

1. Lemon juice can cause heartburn, it activates stomach enzyme called pepsin which plays an important role in breaking down protein. People with heartburn problem should avoid drinking lemon juice in excess.

2. We all know that lemon is acidic, this can lead to accumulation of the certain amount of acid over the tooth enamel. Thus it can lead to erosion of the enamel which can make your tooth sensitive to hot and cold sensations.

3. Yes, lemon is good and rich in vitamin c, but drinking it in excess can cause some serious problems like nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset.

4. Too much of vitamin C can lead to the formation of urine in your body leading you going to the restroom several times and also can lead to dehydration. So you must drink a lot of water to make up for the water loss due to frequent urination.

5. Excessively drinking lemon water can lead to more storage of iron in your body because of vitamin C present in it. Lemon water must be avoided if you are suffering from rare hemochromatosis in which body stores more iron than usual. Avoid taking lemon water in excess if are suffering from this disease.

7. Excessively drinking lemon water can cause a migraine, It has been proven by a study that taking citrus fruits like lemon can worsen your iron problem. Citrus fruits have tyramine which aggravates migraine problem

8. Drinking lemon water in excess can make your skin lose moisture and hydration leading to the dry and flaky skin, so if you have a dry skin stay away from lemon water to avoid dull and chapped looking skin.

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