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Man with a big d*ck
Man with a big d*ck

How to Spot a Man With a Big P*nis (18+)

Size matters for some ladies

Kevin David

Kevin David

They say size isn’t all that matters, but have you ever met a guy for the first time and wondered “does he have a big p*nis?”

The type of d**k that can stretch you out and hit all your walls at the same time, that cassava kind that you and your friends fantasize about (also probably watch on the net)

*winks* .

The type of member that would have you cancelling all of your appointments just because he says “I miss you”, which by the way is the automatic code word for “sex”!

Trust me ladies, you would’t want to have sexual cravings and then get disappointed at a ‘zozo’ appointment because bros isn’t carrying. That is tantamount to a waste of sin and a waste of body counts.

If you are on the look out for a man with a big “din ga Lin” , here are solid tips to help you spot a man with a sizable p*nis, without having to find out too late and waste your body count.

Man with a Skinny body frame: I’m sure you must have heard the myth about skinny guys who are heavily endowed down there , well I’m here to tell you the rumors are TRUE!

Don’t be deceived by the lack of flesh hanging on their bodies, It has been proven over and over again that most skinny and tall men move around with tools as long as your forearm.

They don’t nick name men like that ‘small but mighty’ for nothing.

How to Spot a Man With a Big P*nis (18+)

His Fingers: this is another feature that could easily indicate that a guy may have big a situation downstairs.

So ladies pay attention to how his fingers are formed.

If his fingers are short and stocky chances are you shouldn’t expect too much in terms of length.

However, if his fingers are long and slender or not very thick then chances are he will surprise you in terms of lengthhhhh!!!!!!

Naturally thick or built gastrocnemius: have you ever met a man who never really work out, but they possess quite an athletic build?

Particularly a naturally built gastrocnemius (posterior or back of the lower leg from the knee down) . This is a sign that he may be well endowed and will give the ladies joy in the ‘oda room’


The size of his hands: this one right here is tricky, but in most cases quite accurate.

Men with big hands especially those with big (Palmer side) hands are unusually wholesome down there and if the fingers are also long and full (not fat) get ready cos you are in for a roller coaster in the sack .

How to Spot a Man With a Big P*nis (18+)

Long torso with broad shoulders and chest: this right here is 75% spot on because if the guy is tall, has broad shoulders and chest with a longer torso than usual, he definitely has the third leg to rock your world , that is if you can handle it


So ladies thank me later