First Date
First Date

Five Things a Lady Must Have on a First Date

Planning a first date? Check out five things you should have handy

Kevin David

Kevin David

We understand that going on a first date is not as easy it seems. That is why we have taken time out to list the five most important things a lady must have while going on a first date.

1. Perfume

As a lady, it is important to dress up nicely but it is even more important to smell nice. One thing that melts a guy’s heart apart from the away you look is the way you smell! So, if you really like that guy and want to make an impression, make sure you have that “puff puff” (perfume) in your purse and endeavour to use it right before you walk into that restaurant. *winks*

2. Makeup

There is no such thing as too much touch up. Of course, you know your face beat should be “lit”, but you probably do not know that not all brands of makeup can stay fresh for a long time. So, seize every opportunity you have to go to the ladies and get that “glow” popping!

3. Contraceptives (condom or pills)

Sometimes, we don’t plan to get down and dirty, but it happens anyway. That is why it is important to always have some sort of contraceptives in your purse just in case it turns out to be a “zozo appointment”.

4. Vex money (emergency cash)

I am sure you have heard about stories where a babe was left stranded because the guy refused to pay her bill or he left her on the date without taking care of the bill. So, it is important to order only what you know you can afford and have enough spare cash with you in order to save yourself from embarrassment.

5. Pepper spray

We know there are a lot of creeps out there. It is important for a lady to have some sort of weapon to protect herself from such kinds. Pepper spray is just the perfect tool, as it’s easy to carry around, legal and effective when used properly.

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