Is she the one?
Is she the one?

10 Signs She Is Not The One

What are the signs she is not the one for you? Find out here

Kevin David

Kevin David

When you’re in love with a woman, you’ll probably think or believe she’s the one for you. You’ll go out of your way to do the impossible for her. If a moving mountain is what she desires, you’ll make it happen in the blink of an eye, and that says a lot about how you feel for the person. But how sure are you she is the one? How sure are you she will do the same for you if she were in your shoes?

Well, today we’ll be giving 10 signs to spot if she is NOT the one.

1. Lack of trust. You both don’t trust each other.

2. The sex isn’t as passionate as it was before. It now feels more like a routine .

3. She is not mindful of your spending, especially when she is aware you are low on funds.

4. You’re always the first one to call her or initiate a conversation.

5. Your family and friends do not like her and she doesn’t care to change their thoughts.

6. If she doesn’t claim you publicly “run”!

7. If she claims she is too busy all the time, she’s not the one! A woman can never be too busy for a man she’s in love with.

8. When you’re talking about settling down, she is never interested or constantly changes the topic. She’s not the one.

9. She’s not concerned about your likes and interests.

10. If she seldom makes you smile or happy.

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