5 Types Of Escorts Aka Runs Girls In Nigeria 

Check out five types of runs girls there are in Nigeria.

Kevin David

Kevin David

It’s no news that there are a number of young girls and women in the escort business in the country these days. In fact, it is hard to tell now if that pretty girl sitting over there is into you or all about the coins she’ll get after a job well done. Check out five types of runs girls there are in Nigeria.

1. The Entertainer

It’s a fact that some of your favourite Nigerian entertainers (females) do not earn as much as they pretend to. At the rate by which they live luxuriously, buying expensive cars, high end fashion pieces and high-priced homes, without any other income, it is obvious that they are into extracurricular activities.

P.S. You heard it here first!

2. The Business Owner

Nowadays, some ladies pose as business owners, selling things like hair, clothes, bags, beauty products, cosmetics and all, but the truth of the story is that they are actually selling p*ssy! They use their business as front to reach men and pose as independent women. I bet we all know this is the era where men would rather have a woman who has got something going for herself than have someone who’s idle.

So, just in case you notice any of your friends who spend more than they earn just know I told you first *wink*

3. The Career Lady

This is the lady who actually has a proper office job (career women) but they still look out for sugar daddies, rich men or women or even rich guys who just want them for a one night stand or a continual sexual satisfaction service (SSS), who can provide for the luxury life they admire and want.

4. The Occasional Escort

The occasional escort is the ‘wannabe’. Girls in this category really don’t want to engage in transactional s*x , but they end up caving in to peer pressure or they do it because they want to imitate people they idolize. In some cases, they engage in their act when times are hard or they have a responsibility or an emergency that may need urgent funds.

5. The Street Walker (Worker)

For this category there is no need for too much talk. You already know the drill. You see them at road junctions, by the roadside or red light district patrolling, looking sexy and tempting, waiting for guys to roll by.

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