4 Reasons Why Men Love A Big Behind 

4 Reasons Why Men Love A Big Behind 

Wondering why some men love women with big bottom? Find out why 

Kevin David

Kevin David

The thought of a woman’s backside alone can arouse a man in a sexual way. Some ladies have this endowment naturally, while others take matters into their own hands by either working out or going through surgical enhancement. Either way, it remains a fact that a large number of men can’t get enough of women with big buttocks. Here are a few reasons why.

Feeds your sexual fantasies

A woman’s big backside is enough to feed a man’s sexual fantasies. Men, for instance, love the doggie style best when there is a nice ass to enjoy. A big bottom provides the perfect doggie style position, because it does not only look amazing from that angle, but it means that there is plenty of flesh to hold on to. There is usually a lot of spanking, too, when you’re in this position and a big bottom can handle as much spanking as necessary.

It is Attractive

A nice, perfectly rounded bottom is one of the best killer features a woman could ever possess and men appreciate it. Heterosexual men aren’t usually attracted to a woman with male features, including a flat or saggy bottom. Instead, a man is attracted to a woman for having what he doesn’t, like fine, big bottom and breasts. Besides, a big bottom helps give a woman an hourglass figure that everyone loves.

Looks healthy

Men see a woman with a perfectly rotund bottom as someone who takes care of herself and tries her best to stay in shape and look good. Some men get an instant erection when they see a big, beautiful behind.


There’s no denying the fact that men love grabbing and squeezing a woman’s butts. They love a woman with some flesh on her backside, which can serve as cushion for the pushing. They like to hold on to a woman’s booty when she is on top during sex. The more you have to grab the better. What’s fun about pinching a bony butt? Nothing!

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