Love Costs A Million Things

Love Costs A Million Things

Kevin David

Kevin David

If you care a lot about someone, you will go the extra mile to make the person happy. Love is extremely valuable and the odds of transparency are boundless, but only a limited number can give it. Love is not a commandment, yet just a few can keep its appeal for commitment. Love is not a race, yet just a few can run on the track of passion with enthusiasm.

Love is liberal and kind, yet many are being egotistical and unkind. Love is like an anthem to be sung by all, yet just a few can recite its lyrics. If love does not cost a thing, then it will never have been in existence. Love is SACRIFICE and sacrifice might cost more than a million things but cost nothing to express.

With regards to the above, I will argue that it does not make any sense to speak of love without emotions. Emotions without realism and expression with which these feelings are expressed are unrealistic. Hence, the sacrifice that inspires these emotions costs more than just a million things. To this effect, the notion; "Love doesn't cost a thing" could either be affirmed or negated. I could, on my part, say that love costs a thing to express but costs nothing to give. If love is a gift from nature, with which life is formed, and life, a gift to love that makes man express emotions - then indeed - one needs not a proof to say that love costs a million things but costs nothing to give.

Generally, we humans with our analytical personalities are susceptible to more logic, than emotions - our amiable tendencies

Look at satisfying ourselves regardless of what the other party feels. In this case, more of logic and less of emotions is needed. But love requires more emotions and less logic and in most persuasive situations, people respond in light of feelings than legitimize their actions with logic and facts.

On the contrary, there are situations where the feelings that result in physical and mental changes influence our conduct. It requires sacrificial giving; a lot of emotions should be paid for. People are usually unaware of the subconscious sacrifices and pains they undergo. It is this subconscious commitment that makes individuals describe love as a mysterious thing that follows no rules. But the truth is that once they become aware of their subconscious immolations, they become wary and watchful (especially in cases of a past heartbreak). Love is a motivating goal for humans and our behaviour can be explained by our attempts to achieve this goal. Love is able, capable, humble and above all, attainable. Love is not selfish.

The best thing one will ever learn is, it is essential to love and be loved in return. Most of the time, we need someone to reciprocate that action. By so doing, we fail to realize that love is in giving, not in getting. It costs a lot of things to give willingly, just to see the other person smile again.

When we lose that exceptional one we adore, when our sentiments and feelings get hurt, when we feel double-crossed by those we thought cherished us, love turns out to be merely a thing. When we fail to give our all, when we pretend we care, love costs a million things.

Without love in existence, a man won't have the ability to express a world of emotions. If life is a gift to man as man is a gift to nature, and nature is a proof of our existence that God is the ultimate creator, then God is love. "Does this then mean that God does not cost a thing"? Of course not. God Almighty is the author and the finisher of all things. If God is love then love is God, because, if God can sacrifice his only son to die for mankind to redeem man for life. I believe that this demonstration is the height of sacrifice which sought to redeem man to live. Yes, love does not cost a thing to give but it costs a million things to have.

To receive is to be loved, to sacrifice is to love. Love is worth more than a million in whatever currency. We may have sacrificed all we had just to make that special person we love happy. It could have cost us our time, money, emotions, pleasure. It could likewise make us cry, sad and happy. It could even cost our life and all that is necessary to be sacrificed for love.

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with just creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion as well. Emotions create movement and action, even logic plays the role of creating a foundation for emotion but in simple words; we are all emotional beings which is what makes us human. We cannot rely entirely on emotion until our logical side has been engaged. Yet, we say love does not cost a thing. To me, it takes more than a million things to express love but costs nothing to give. Love cannot be separated from emotions because it is through emotions that we can express love.

As long as there is love, emotions must exist and they must be driven by a force that is psychologically aligned with our conviction.

To love is to feel. To feel is to have emotions. To have emotions is to sacrifice. To sacrifice is to be human. To be human is to be mortal. To be mortal is to have a life. To have a life is to have emotion. To have emotion is to love. To love is to sacrifice and sacrifice costs more than just a million things. Not all humans can give love, yet it does not cost a thing to give.

Love indeed costs a million things to express but costs nothing to give.

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