10 Things To Get Your Man This Valentine

10 Things To Get Your Man This Valentine

Not sure what to get your man this Valentine? Here are some gift ideas

Kevin David

Kevin David

It seems like tradition in Nigeria for women to get only singlets or boxers for their men. That tradition ends now! A lot of men go out of their way to surprise and treat the woman they love to something special and all they get is a miserable singlet in return.

There are like a billion other things besides underwear you can gift your man to appreciate him this Valentine. Below are only a few of them.

1. Customized Cuff Links

Almost every man has to use cuff links at some point, even if he is not the corporate kind of man. It may be to work or to church or even on a date with you. Cuff links especially come in handy when he is wearing those Southern traditional wears.

2. Treat him to a Spa date

Book a manicure and pedicure appointment for him. You should also book a massage session to go with it. He’ll definitely notice that what you feel for him is not restricted to under the sheets.

3. Treat him to dinner for a change

If you know your man is the only one who treats you any time you go out on a date, it’s time for you to take charge for once.

4. Make him a portrait

He would appreciate the effort you put into getting him a portrait, especially if it is beautiful.

5. Perfume

If you can’t afford those expensive and long lasting ones, just get him something affordable but also nice.

6. A nice pair of sneakers

Getting him a nice pair of sneakers is a brilliant idea, as every man loves a new pair of kicks.

7. A new mobile phone

Get him a phone only if he’s the type that spends on you. This would be nice if you make your own money too. Blow his mind with that mobile phone he has not stopped talking about ever since it was released.

8. Wristwatch

Every man loves a new watch. So, it’s always a good idea to get your partner one.

9. A clipper

If you care about your man’s hygiene, then you’ll know how important this gift is.

10. Boxers/briefs and vest/singlet

Do not get him those cheap ones. Get him some of these designer types that men love and appreciate.

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