4 Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Find Love In Nigeria 

4 Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Find Love In Nigeria 

Having a hard time finding love? This may be why!

Kevin David

Kevin David

Looking for love can be a hustle. You’ll have to put your specifications (type) into consideration and check to see if the person you’re attracted to shares your interests. Are they smart or intelligent? Can they hold a proper conversation without talking about sex? Can they have an intelligent conversation or do they merely gesticulate? There are just so many questions to ask yourself when you’re looking for love. It gets even harder when you’re on a quest in Nigeria. Here’s why.

1. High standards

It’s not a bad thing to have high standards when seeking a partner. But it seems like everyone in Nigeria these days is looking to date or have a relationship with someone of a higher class. As we grow older, we add to our dating checklist. We understand the types of qualities we desire, we take physical attraction seriously, and pay close attention to values and interests. This makes finding a partner tricky because each person has a checklist that determines who they want to be with.

It’s definitely good to maintain a high standard, because you want to be with your match. Sometimes, though, standards can become unattainable and this will only result in disappointment.

2. Fear of commitment

The most common reason why it is so hard to fall in love in Nigeria and the world over is a fear of commitment. Labels can terrify some people, while the uncertainty of where the relationship will lead is terrifying to others.

Modern dating has become so ambiguous and confusing. Some couples have commitment issues and do not want to accept the terms of being “official.” While some are reluctant to discuss labels, others are left with not knowing if that person is the right one.

3. Superficiality and shallowness

Besides physical attraction, what else can you offer in a relationship? That should be the number one question on your mind. If the answer is “nothing”, then it’s time to work on yourself. Some Nigerians are incredibly shallow, and it doesn't help to know that a lot of people care only about appearances when looking for a partner.

4. Promiscuity

The rate of promiscuity in the country is another major reason why it’s difficult for people to find love here. Most young adults now prefer to hookup and move on than to be in a committed relationship. Hooking up these days is as easy as grocery shopping. Relationships seem like a 24 hour job with no breaks and only a few want to put in the work.

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