4 Ways To Survive Being Single This Valentine

4 Ways To Survive Being Single This Valentine

Single and alone this Valentine? You should find this useful

Kevin David

Kevin David

Are you single and worried about how to get through this season of love alone?

Have you been without a bae for too long that you’re now wondering how to get your groove back on? Well, look no further. Here are a few ways to survive being single this season of love.

1. Buy yourself a grand teddy bear

We would have said buy yourself a big, large or huge teddy bear but those words wouldn’t even begin to qualify the size of the bear you should get. The goal is to get yourself a human size teddy bear, one that can make you imagine cuddling with someone. A teddy bear is just perfect since there is no one to lie or cuddle with.

2. Buy yourself lots of chocolate

They say chocolate can make a blue day bright. Besides, there would be loads of chocolates flying around on that special day and you know you don’t want to be left out. Go to the supermarket and get yourself as many bars of chocolate as you can consume and even more for your friends who may also be single.

3. Go shopping

This one has to be the most important on the list. You must shop for a new outfit, not just a new one but something breathtaking. Truth is, you need to look your very best that day. Show the world how much you love yourself in that sleek bodycon,cleavage popping, high slit dress.

4. Take yourself out

Step out in that beautiful outfit of yours and treat yourself to a good date. Even though it’s just you, make it seem more delightful than it really is. Make sure you go to a spot where you know you can find your type or spec of man/woman. Then create a scene for attention and make the night all about yourself. A potential suitor may approach the royal gorgeousness that you are and possibly make a move. Now, it is up to you to either pass up on him/her or take advantage of the attention.

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